Declaration of the United Nations Cuban Association in the face of the growing media and cultural war waged against Cuban artists and intellectuals.

The Cuban Association of the United Nations and its collective and individual partners once again condemn the immoral and illegal war of the media and culture, which is increasingly unfolding against creators who have decided to stake on the socialist homeland.

The persecution suffered by the Buena Fe group in Spain; the coercion of the musicians and the owners of the establishments where they were to appear, as well as the verbal and even physical aggression to which its members were subjected, are a new expression of that war conceived, designed and promoted by circles against Cuba in the United States.

The shameful decision of the leadership of the literary event “Paris Poetry Fair” to withdraw the honorary chairmanship of its fortieth edition from the famous poet Nancy Morejon, winner of the National Literary Prize in 2001, is a scandal and an insult. Civil society organizations and individual partners grouped in ACNU categorically reject and condemn this decision, taken under pressure from unpatriotic elements,

The persecution of our artists is launched by the same groups that from South Florida seek to undermine and change the political, economic and social system that the Cubans decided for us as a sign of self-determination when they voted on the text of the new Constitution of the Republic of February 24, 2019.

The strategy of the enemies of Cuba and its Revolution is unambiguous. It is the cultural expression of the criminal and genocidal multi-dimensional blockade that our people are subjected to, with the illusory demand to destroy the Cuban revolution. Its initiators and executors intend to intimidate and discredit the Cuban artists, writers and intellectuals who accept and support our revolution into abandoning this historic and perfected project.

The United Nations Cuban Association condemns this “witch hunt” against Cuban artists and intellectuals, which violates international law; violates Articles 19 and 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which protect the right of everyone to freedom of opinion and expression and the right of everyone “to freely take part in the cultural life of the community…” respectively. .

The immoral persecution of our artists also undermines the principle of equal dignity and respect for all cultures, enshrined in the UNESCO Convention for the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions and Article 15 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, which recognizes the right of everyone to take part in cultural life. It is paradoxical that those who seek to proclaim themselves as champions of democracy and respect for human rights flagrantly and unscrupulously violate the aforementioned international instruments.

Condemning the heinous persecution of Cuban artists, intellectuals and creative people in general, the United Nations Cuban Association and its collective and individual partners call on international civil society organizations, public figures and all people of good will to oppose this illegal culture war and defend the freedom of expression and self-determination of these creators .

Havana, June 2, 2023

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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