Dolores Concert Hall renovation moving forward

According to the Cuban News Agency (ACN), the Dolores Concert Hall in Santiago de Cuba is undergoing a comprehensive renovation to restore its functionality, elegance and splendor.

Yorisel Andino, director of the institution, exclusively told ACN that the organization closed its doors with the arrival of COVID-19 in the country in March 2020, as cultural events with crowds were suspended, and then due to the escalation of construction. conditions in all areas.

According to him, in the areas that make up the two levels of the facility, there was a serious deterioration in their structure, with damage to roofs, joinery, technical equipment and leaks in the walls, factors that posed a danger to workers, musicians and society. functions.

He commented on the work done to eliminate the parasitic plant prevalent in one of the bell towers of the building, as well as to reduce the existing termite infestation, mainly in the administrative premises and in the Orquesta test area. Sinfonica de Oriente, which has its group headquarters in the center.

He noted that, despite the problems, the hall’s acoustics, considered one of the best in Cuba, remain in good condition, as originally intended.

Andino said the venue hosts important events such as the International Choir Festival and is also a place where this type of musical expression is constantly performed.

According to him, La Dolores represents a cultural landmark for national and international artists who gain prestige by performing a concert music program at this institution.

According to Patricia Hernandez, head of the Fénix restoration and art team, work is underway to preserve elements of the main hall, such as the altar, furniture, armchairs and others.

He paid special attention to repairing the plaster of the columns, replacing the decorative corners that would make up its lower part, in order to avoid its rapid wear and possible friction when moving the choir furniture.

He mentioned the steps for cleaning the grooved board in order to determine its technical condition, eliminate defects and then apply a protective coating.

He assured that the preservation of the precious wood ceiling is a priority, to which are attached fixtures from the lighting system and acrylic details that make up the acoustics of the room.

The renovation of the Dolores Concert Hall is one of the events planned to commemorate the Day of the National Revolt in Santiago de Cuba, a date commemorating the storming of the barracks of Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes on July 26, 1953.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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