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2023 has humor as the undisputed protagonist. First, we celebrate the centenary of one of the greatest Cuban journalists and humorous literature: Enrique Nunez Rodriguez, born in Quemado de Guines on May 13, 1923. A few days later, on May 28, we also remember the centenary of the birth of the hallowed stage, film and television: Natalia Herrera.

This month of July, which began with the successful conclusion of the twenty-seventh edition of the National Watercolor Festival, we applaud the memory of another well-known figure in the media: Idalberto Delgado Delgado, who left us a huge legacy beyond his popular character Paco, in an anthological radio program. afternoon pleasureswritten by Alberto Luberta for over 50 years.

Idalberto was also known for his humorous television series. covers and household itemsor by Tito taxi driver, which millions of Cubans laughed at in the 80s. However, the fame of this beautiful and beloved actor goes much further, when he appeared among the supporting characters in a hilarious TV program. Pototo and Philomenostarring Leopoldo Fernandez and Anibal de Mar, two other great Cuban comedians of all time.

cappucha and ramon came later. Idalberto (Ramon Mogollon) starred with actress Manela Bustamante (Cachucha) and both have been immortalized in our national culture.

Idalberto also made a magnificent journey through the cinema, where we remember him from his role in the film. the twelve ChairsTomás Gutiérrez Aléa, Teton, in 1962, among other feature films.

Hidalberto was born in Aguada de Pasajeros on July 10, 1923, the same month and year that saw the birth of another noble friend, a shining star that lit up the poetry and scenes of the Greater Antilles and parts of the world: Luis Mariano Carbonel Pulles of Santiago.

Called the watercolorist of Antillean poetry, he knew how to depict in his engravings the most costumed representatives of our society and its folklore. An unsurpassed reciter, he had a great culture that made him a teacher of various genres of art. He accompanied the piano and shared the stage with great voices such as Omar Portuondo and Elena Burke. With his unique style, he immortalized the poems of our national poet Nicolas Guillén.

Sophisticated and unforgettable were his voice montages, extolling songs and prints as Fifteen Florites, I want to be comparator, you are a nama plant, Black Fulo, boy valdes… among many others.

During his life devoted to Cuban art and culture, he has been awarded, among other awards, the Order of Felix Varela and the National Humor and Music Prizes. Louis Carbonell was born on such a glorious day as July 26, 1923.

With great pleasure and respect, I stopped pays tribute to these two colossal artists who were applauded by generations of Cubans who will never forget them.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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