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As every year, the International Book Fair receives various proposals from the Association Hermanos Saíz (AHS). At its headquarters in the Pavilion of Cuba, the organization, together with the Provincial Book Center of Havana, has prepared, in addition to the sale of important literary works, entertainment and cultural events for children, teenagers and young people.

The highlights of the day will be the presentations of the publishers of the Association: La Luz (Holguín), Sed de Belleza (Villa Clara), Reina del Mar (Cienfuegos), Aldabón (Matanzas) and Áncora (Isla de la Juventud), which they will decorate the fair with unpublished books, dedicated to figures of Cuban literature such as Delphine Prats and Miguel Barnet.

And a special meeting will be the presentation of the 2023 Calendar Awards, always in alliance with Casa Editora Abril, to the works of the youngest Cuban writers. This will take place on the 15th at 4:00 pm in the Nicolás Guillén Hall of the San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress, as stated by Ana Irma Pérez Pereyo, Vice President of AHS. In addition, he specified that six books-winners of last year’s competition will be presented these days.

For the smallest of the home, Armando López Carralero proposes his Duende del Agua, a book composed of ballads and decims, whose recurring theme throughout the text is water as a symbol of everyday life, and from there they are addressed with simplicity. situations and problems of everyday life.

Trinidadian playwright Darien Peña Prada’s “Contextual Beast” is one title that, through a sonnet with masterful use of nineteen-syllable words, manages to take the reader on a journey through the vicissitudes of modern life. This poetry of inescapable human nature encourages us to avoid the path of apathy and put ourselves in the shoes of others in order to bring about change in this contextual beast that is man.

Another 2022 Calendar award is The Godfather (according to Dubrovsky). This proposal by Manuel Hurtado, a graduate of the University of the Arts, contrasts fiction and reality, updating the treatment of the family in contemporary Cuban drama. The text, which also compiled the author’s thesis, is an attractive proposition for new generations.

Fans of sci-fi romances with the “Tyrant’s Tapestry” of a young man from Las Tunas, José Alejandro Cantallops, will be able to go on a fantastic journey through the city of Laedas, where a tapestry weaving sorceress is tasked with killing the new Tyrant of the city, however, is influenced by feelings and emotions that will change course of events.

I’d give a lot, ma’am… José Marti’s Erotic Fibers is one of the most promising titles presented at the fair. This essay, written by Lazaro Abrahan Pérez, makes the reader become a participant in the chronology of the Apostle’s innermost feelings and his stories of love and grief, an interesting and little-known edge of the Master’s life.

The 2017 David Award in Story Mode offers engaging storytelling, mostly for young audiences, with Triple C. The story, recreated by David Martinez Balsa, not only hints at the twists and turns life takes, but also manages to connect fiction with reality by telling about the ups and downs that young people from the military unit go through during the COVID-19 pandemic in Cuba.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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