Acosta Danza to perform in the Netherlands

Under the artistic direction of the first Cuban dancer, Carlos Acosta, the Acosta Danza troupe will perform in the Netherlands, the Cuban Ministry of Culture announced today on its website.

The band will take part in the Holland Dance Festival with a show called Cuban Eclectico, which will be presented from tomorrow until February 11th at the Luxor Theater in Rotterdam.

His repertoire will include other well-known works from his repertoire, such as Fauno by the Belgian-Moroccan choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkau; and “Paysage, soudain, la nuit” by the Norwegian artist Pontus Lidberg.

The Dutch Dance Festival website reports that Carlos Acosta “gathers exceptionally talented Cuban dancers with classical and contemporary dance techniques (…). The result is Acosta’s own identity, which clearly shows the rich Cuban culture.”

Designed to make this art form accessible to all, the Dutch Dance Festival is the only international biennale of its kind in the Netherlands.

According to its organizers, the event is designed to become a model of the most interesting and controversial dance shows at the international level, so its program includes a wide program of events for companies of different styles.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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