On the wing of a hummingbird

For the Cuban people, Marti is the highest embodiment of humanism, a symbol of virtue, the concept of goodness. His extraordinary capacity for work, the development of ideas, the direction of efforts towards a higher goal never cease to amaze us.

It is amazing how much he was able to accomplish in his short life, and what a degree of wisdom he was able to achieve through enthusiastic reading and dedication to learning from an early age.

Undoubtedly, this is an excellent man, whose will and circumstances made it possible to deploy many tasks to achieve the independence of Cuba, and all this surrounded him with a mythical halo that makes him, in the words of lezamiana, a mystery that accompanies us.

His figure became widely revered after the end of Spanish rule. Even during the American occupation, streets and institutions in many Cuban cities were named after him. After the establishment of the republic (which, due to its bourgeois and neo-colonial character, was the failure of Marty’s project), monuments to his memory were erected all over the island, and in schools his image towered over many classes, because in prudent work, teachers devoted themselves to the education of patriotic feelings and veneration of the apostle in new generations formed without the Spanish yoke.

Mella, who participated in the struggle for the social revolution, intended to penetrate Marty’s thoughts, and Villena, in fiery verses, called for the fulfillment of Marty’s marble dream.

The complete works of Marti were published thanks to the efforts of his executor Gonzalo de Quesada, and the youth of the “generation of the century”, led by Fidel, who plunged into these pages, opposed tyranny and soon after the defeat of the victorious revolution. did not dare to announce that his steps were the fulfillment of the Master’s promise. “My verse will grow, and I will grow under the grass,” he pointed out in prophetic words.

This constant cult of Marty cannot be understood without delving into his sermons in favor of a new nation based on sovereignty and justice. In the same way, all reverence will be empty until the ethical basis and the emancipatory vocation, which were the axes of his conduct, are accepted.

Those who have deeply come into contact with his works are fascinated by the sensuality and humanistic spirit that manifest themselves in them. However, despite efforts to spread his message, it is still necessary to continue to present Marty as a daily reference.

A project to turn society into a giant school must always protect the real dimension of who constitutes one of our pillars, whose work must be the property of people who dreamed of a cult so that they could live freely.

The fundamental core of Marty’s ideology is a sense of justice, it is the sun of the moral world, and deep humanism, which becomes the fuel for confronting injustice, wherever it manifests itself. His thought is a call for the total emancipation of man, a defense of the identity of Our America, and a manifesto against the multiple domination that weighs upon us.

Talking about his boundless faith in the perfection of man, in the usefulness of virtue and in the future life, Marty points out a path that seems endless in the face of the trials that lie in wait for all of humanity. However, his ideas are presented as truths to which he once referred: so essential that they could fit on the wing of a hummingbird.

*Student of the Faculty of Philosophy, History and Sociology, University of Havana.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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