With the truth in the face and in the soul

The condition of the road between Gibara and Caletones was the main issue raised in this debate, organized among the workers of the new Campismo Popular base in Gibarenha, because if the route is improved, a number of problems can be encountered and eliminated, the locals assured.

Health care, education, water supply and transport services were also discussed. From the proposals of agriculture and the food industry. About the availability of jobs and possible changes to the Fisheries Law, which are of great importance for the geography and economy of the area, and even about the location of the tourist site that stands there, now suspended due to the inability to save intact building materials during the passage through the difficult north- east passage.

No one held back on Monday when the candidates for the National Assembly of People’s Power from the municipality of Gibareno visited the coastal community of Caletones. There have even been environmental tips, a matter that people prioritize in terms of whether it is appropriate to renew alternatives to come and go in this city that values ​​beaches, pools and natural reservoirs of obvious beauty, as well as an emotional family and deeply rooted moments cultural events.

They even suggested the permanent presence on the territory of a representative of the City Assembly of the People’s Power, in order to provide the special attention that a place requires, where at certain times of the year there are almost twice as many vacationers as permanent residents.

Many residents waited for the visit of their candidates, sitting in front of the building where the square, the doctor’s office, the pharmacy and two stores are located, perhaps thinking about the exact word, the good example, the urgency and gratitude (because they also noticed positive changes).

The meeting was attended by housewives, fishermen, gourmets, builders, pensioners, mothers, grandmothers, vacationers… And a lot of people came to offer themselves as performers and co-authors in the technical repair of a vital access road, decorated at its beginning with noticeable wind energy mills for several kilometers around, on the side of the usually rough sea.

To say that after the dialogue everyone left with pleasant faces would be an exaggeration, but there was confidence and receptivity. All speeches were heard, and many officials said goodbye to voters with dates already set to review the actions of the partial or final solution.

First of all, there was a feeling that people should participate in any decision or intervention, without denying it or hiding details, with the truth in their face and soul.

It was a morning to communicate and take up the challenges that are echoing in other parts of this country, proud of its past and its present origins, but also ruthlessly blocked for more than six decades by an arrogant and stifling system of extraterritorial measures. and more than once shocked by natural phenomena, pandemics, global economic downturns, armed conflicts thousands of kilometers away and, as all cases admit, many internal mistakes.

If anything should distinguish the next Cuban parliament, whose candidates are now walking the streets and factories, schools and cooperatives, it is contact with the people outside of ordinary or extraordinary sessions, because these hours with the people will support every speech with knowledge of the facts and deep conviction , every approval or disagreement, a feeling in which there is a place for intimacy, popularity and optimism in the face of adverse circumstances.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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