Last Saturday it was three o’clock in the afternoon, and, as is customary (almost a national property), I stood in line: one of those that allow you to easily get to the ATM and come back. Distracted by More’s melodies, almost detached from the hustle and bustle and long wait at G and 23, I was surprised by the hug that shook me from behind with such force that my stomach nearly became part of my spine.

My reflexes made me react quickly, and I pushed the man hard, but turning around, I saw that it was a young boy who, recovering from my stormy greeting, exclaimed: “Edel, my brother, give him a soft treat.” ! You will not recognise me?”

At that moment, I didn’t answer anything, because no memory associated with this face invaded my memory, which did not seem to bother him, because he rushed towards me with such sincere hugs that it seemed as if we knew each other. friend for a long time. all my life … and then I noticed something familiar in him, but she still could not connect it with the name.

After showing affection and asking me about my parents, my sister, and even my aunt (by giving their names), he invited me to talk for a few minutes, since we had not had any contact for seven years.

On the way to one of the nearest park benches we talked about our life during that period, and as soon as we sat down, I looked at him carefully: black-haired, with a discreet castle beard and extensions of those that, if they were removed , you can put your whole hand through the hole made in the ear.

He was fully dressed in jeans and had a white sweater under his jacket… Nothing out of the ordinary, and even though he conveyed confidence to me, I couldn’t remember who he was. Only one detail interested me: two small marks on each of her cheekbones, like stitches, that seemed to be healing.

After a long and entertaining conversation that covered everything from my university career to his craziness in Madrid (quite a funny story due to his peculiar mixture of Galician accent with the most common Cuban slang), I decided to immediately ask him who he was. was something I hadn’t done before out of shame.

Hearing the question, he smiled, put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Damn it, dude! Why didn’t you ask before? I already forgot that I don’t look like that,” and immediately clarified: “Although I always felt how I look, for me it was an extensive, complex process … Well, let me introduce myself: I’m Andrea, your classmate, we studied together throughout high school “.

At that moment, thousands of memories haunted my memory, because she was one of the best companions that I have ever had. Without further hesitation, I embraced him, without indiscreet questions or preconceived gestures. I didn’t pay attention to the details of whether I was talking to a boy or a girl, because only our old friendship was taken into account, which I will not forget because of so many good, bad and worst moments that we experienced as teenagers.

Beyond the genres, the names and the paths that life lays out for us, I was happy to relive that phase and meet him/him again: just Andrea.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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