In 2023, the first powdered beer with alcohol will appear.

BERLIN, 24 March. East German spirits company Neuzeller Klosterbrau (NK) claims to have developed a powdered beer that tastes like the original liquid when mixed with water.

The global brewing industry is huge, but it is also one of the least efficient in the world, as it is very expensive to transport large quantities of bottled beer in heavy glass jars to all latitudes.

For this reason, NK wondered what would happen if some of the most famous breweries in the world were able to send their products abroad in powder form, and the receiving company was left only to add water?

Neuzeller Klosterbrau experts say they have already defined the process for creating any type of beer in powder form, including alcohol and carbonation. All you have to do is add water and they will have a normal beer.

It will be the first beer in powder form and could change the world, Stefan Fritsche, managing director of a German brewery, told The Times. Just add water and you have a full-flavored beer, including alcohol, carbon dioxide, and even your share of foam. In principle, with this method, we can produce any beer in the world: stout, lager beer or the so-called pale Indian beer,” Fritsche said.

The managing director acknowledged that consumers are likely to be skeptical of powdered beers at first, but emphasized that this innovative product is not intended to replace the classics.

This invention is primarily conceived as an alternative to overseas shipping. The expert believes that it makes little sense to import glass bottles, bottle them in Germany, and then ship the beer to Africa or China.

Neuzeller has developed its revolutionary powder beer over the past two years with government funding. While not the world’s first powdered beer, it differs from all others in that it can include alcohol and carbonation.

“We want to add dioxide and alcohol in powder form,” said Stefan Fritsche. We can do all this, and it’s amazing that we succeeded, he stressed. Neuzeller Klosterbrau wants to launch a powdered beer on the market this year.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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