Sub-17 Almost Dropped Out Of The World Championship

The Cuban under-17 football team, which competes in the Concacaf World Cup in Guatemala, lost 4-0 to Costa Rica this Monday and saw its chances to keep one of the Group G berths in the 1/8 finals.

The team led by Sandro Sevillano didn’t have many opportunities to beat the eleven Costa Ricans who outperformed everyone on all lines, and in the 20th minute they were already winning by a partial score of 3:0.

On the pitch at the Dorotheo Guamuch Flores Stadium in the Central American capital, only strikers Jasnier and Didier Reynoso showed some level for a four-letter team, though not enough to counter the power of the on-duty opponents.

Roy Bustos (4), Andrik Lizano (11), Victor Maroto (20) and Akhim Wilson (79) scored for the Tikos.

In addition to the second failure, the situation for people from the Greater Antilles was complicated by the victory of Guadeloupe over Jamaica (2:1). After this result, there are now three teams with the same number of units (3), and even if ours beats Guadelupens, their current goal difference (-6) is a noticeable handicap. In order to have more chances to reach the 1/8 finals, they need to win back, and their opponents should not be given a draw.

The third and final meeting of the young lions of the Caribbean will take place tomorrow, Thursday.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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