Havana broke Matanzas’ record undefeated to lead the West in the Open.

There are only two dates left until the end of the qualifying stage of the 107th Opening Tournament. National Football League of Cuba and at the moment almost nothing is determined for the match for the first title of the year.

The fifth date of the fight, played last Wednesday, brought change at the top of the West, while on the other side of the country, the “penthouse” retained the same tenant as it had in recent weeks.

At the Pepe Suárez Stadium in Matanzas, Havana almost in time broke the unbeaten locals record with a goal by Juart del Pratt and thus scored 13 points, which allowed them to climb to first place in Group A, with one more than those of Athens Cuba .

Also in the west, Artemisa won 3-0 over a team from Villa Clara who had not scored a single point at the fair so far. Goals “gladiators” got on account of Romario Torres, Dario Ramos and Carlos Amores.

For their part, Mayabeque also penetrated the wound of the great, defeating Pinar del Río 4-1 that week after a week of losing battles to once again be that team that aims for everything. Lauder Castaneda, Osniel Pedroso, Yoan Capote and Yasmani Cohimbra honored the inhabitants of the young province, while José Ciprian Alfonso honored the vueltabajero.

Finally, in Group A, the Isla de la Juventud Cienfuegos, which had been agreed to play at El Rodeo’s south course, had to be postponed.

On the same day in section B, Santiago de Cuba hit the table and thrashed Las Tunas 6-0 with goals from Rolando Abreu, Yasmani Fero, Luis Ciudad, Pablo Labrada and another own goal by Leandro Pérez 25, while the same time that Juan Andreus discounts Las Tunas.

Since this triumph, the Red Devils have already amassed 13 streaks, three more than their Guantánamo escorts, 2-0 winners Sancti Spiritus with goals from Alexei Suaznabar and Hanier Drange. Seeing what has been seen, with two games to complete this phase, it looks like it’s hard for the Reds not to get an Eastern ticket to the final match.

In another result from the east, Camaguey and Granma surpassed Ciego de Ávila and Holguin at the minimum.

Results of the 5th day of the opening tournament

Group A:

MTZ 0-LHA 1 / Pepe Suarez / (Euart del Pratt, 89)

MAY 4 – 1 PRI / Nelson Fernandez (Lauder Castañeda 1, Osniel Pedroso 30, Yoan L. Capote 41 and Yasmani Cohimbra 52 / José Ciprian Alfonso 70)

ART 3-ON 0 / Grandes Alamedas (Romario Torres, 39, Dario Ramos, 80 and Carlos Amores, 90)

IJV-CFG / Rodeo (postponed)

GRA 1-KAV 0 / Jesus Menendez (Daniel Leyva, 71)

SKU 6-LTU 0 / Antonio Maceo (Rolando Abreu, 20, 51, Leandro Perez, 25 points, Yasmani Fero, 36, Luis Ciudad, 61 and Pablo Labrada, 81 / Juan Andreu, 47)

Self-learning 0-GTM 2 / Creator (Aleksey Suaznabar, 41 and Khanier Drange, 86)

HOL 0-CMG 1 / Turcios Lima (Yadel Romero 11)

Position table:

Group A: LHA (13), MTZ (12), CFG (10), ART (6), MAY (4), PRI (4), IJV (3) and VCL (0).

Group B: SCU (13), GTM (10), HOL (9), GRA (9), CAV (6), CMG (6), SSP (3) and LTU (1).

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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