From Varadero to Doha

The performance of Cuban judokas at the Varadero Open, which ended this Sunday at the specified resort, may well be a preface to a good performance at the World Championships in this discipline, which will be held next May in Doha, the capital of Qatar. At the Pan-American Open, Island finished first on the medal table with ten gold medals, giving him a comfortable majority in the general classification.

So much so that the students of Yordanis Arencibia and Julio Alderete, the head coaches of the women’s and men’s squads, respectively, accumulated, in addition to ten crowns, seven subtitles and 15 bronze medals, while the second stage of the competition was occupied. Colombia with one gold, four silver and five third places. The podium of the medal table was completed by Brazil (1-1-1), figures that speak of the undoubted dominance of the Creoles on the tatami mat of the International Hotel, the venue of the fair.

On Sunday, he also left details such as the triumphs of Andy Granda and Ivan Silva, prophets in their own land, in a unique opportunity in their sporting career to succeed at an international event in the province where they were born. Also, both looked in great physical shape for the Qatar Universal competition, in which they will be the two leaders of the Cuban men’s team in a quest for a podium finish.

The least pleasant note of Sunday afternoon was the non-participation of Idalis Ortiz due to discomfort, but for the Artemisa artist it is now important to avoid risks in order to be able to visit Doha in search of a new award for her. already an extensive record. The decision not to go to Varadero is correct, as the champion should be reserved for the season’s priorities, which, in addition to the World Championship, will be the Central American and Caribbean Games and the Pan American Games.

The Varadero Open also allowed a large number of judokas from the country’s lower categories to take part. Therefore, the announcement of the President of the Pan American Judo Confederation Carlos Zegarra that in 2024 the appointment will be repeated in the same place is encouraging. Undoubtedly, this will be a new opportunity for the development of the discipline that has brought so much glory to the Cuban sports movement.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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