Bite to hit big

OLGIN. — The return of the five tiger claws – Ávila’s strike in the fourth sub-series – and the home edge of Las Tunas in the first match of the match were the turning points in the reaction of the Holguin Cubs, who already confirmed their classification in the match with Guantanamo. zone, the result of 15 victories in the last 19 matches in 62 national series.

Felicio Garcia bears a lot of responsibility for Holguin’s game, who, in his second experience as a mentor, admits that his boys were very consistent after practice.

A former Northeastern outfielder muses, “The leadership members used a philosophy based on instilling confidence in them. The discipline has worked, and the results are showing up every day. I was surprised by the level of collective delivery. Reactions to adverse situations, such as a purge against the Avilani side, can be seen in veterans (Edilse) Silva, (Jordan) Manduley or (Michel) Gorguet, as well as in youth.

“Although there are no numbers, mostly with an attacking impact, but those who were on shift or newcomers can succeed. It’s encouraging to see pitchers like Jesús Enrique Pérez, Ramiro Rodriguez or Luis Santos Cacer, who have made few appearances in the National Series, contribute even more than established players. For us, the most important thing is to bring joy to our fans.

Time can’t discount the stages, admits Silva (42), but since he decided to keep playing, he decided to better prepare: “I lost weight because my knees were bothering me and the pigs were getting slower. Physical education coach Alfredo Laffita helped me lose weight, and I am grateful to him. I feel like a few years ago. I’m still focused on what I’m doing, first of all defending my Holguin jersey and if you take into account the Cuban jersey. I don’t think about the few home runs I have left for 200, because those hits come by themselves. We have a team where you can see a good atmosphere, and we believe that we can do it.

Gorguet (39), a “traveler” who was a wasp and an Indian before joining the pack a few seasons ago, comments that before the start of the season, having learned about names that would no longer be on the payroll, “the less young We focused on how to prepare to the maximum, because we should have had more publicity. We worked hard on concentration as the responsibility grew. In this series, we meet with Las Tunas and Granma, who outplayed us in the last series, and everything turned in our favor.

“The victories show the step we expected from the last championship when we planned to hit big. Our preparation goes to the ground. In my case, I continued to build strength and speed, and I focused on defending first base to replace Edilse Silva, who is named. The mechanics in the frame work smoothly; We even enjoyed training.”

Another successful fight comes for pitcher Michel Cabrera, who appears in more than half of the fights won by the Harriers between loans and saves. After being absent from Cuba for the U-23 World Cup, disappointment set in for the youngster: “My results in the elite league became an expression of this. Then I took a break and listened to the words of encouragement from coach Orelvis Ávila, who told me that this would give me more strength for the current competition.

His preparation for series 62 was more complete, he says, also developing mentally: “I focused on strengthening the throwing arm and perhaps neglected the control of throws inside or in the lower zone a little. I was worried about picking up speed in shipments. But I’m working on reducing the number of tickets. Every time I go out on the field I want to do well because I have to see one of the best fans happy and I will try to get into the national team for the upcoming international competitions.

In defense, the team from Holguin was very accurate. Photo: Amauris Betancourt

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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