Del Toro fell to the champ

The Cuban delegation participating in the World Judo Championships in Doha, Qatar, has yet to taste the sweet honey of success, as its third representative, who made his debut on the AHBA Arena mats, Mailin del Toro, also found himself in his first lawsuit against the French. Clarissa Agbenenou, as part of the organizational structure of the division up to 63 kilograms (kg).

True, the draw also made him “dance with the ugliest” from the first bars. The representative of the French country, in addition to arriving with the powers of a world and Olympic monarch, after defeating del Toro yesterday in the opening start in the Qatari city, managed to once again capture the overall supremacy that she already held in the 2021 edition. in Hungary. In other words, it was the turn of the Santiago woman to open herself to the truly extraordinary.

The lawsuit was resolved in an expedited manner. Although it is worth noting that the Cuban sold her backhand dearly and resisted as much as she could against a rival well known from previous confrontations. At AHBA Arena, she struggled and tried to win but was surprised by an ippon against a French woman who had just defeated Serbian Anja Obradovic in her debut when del Toro was bye.

Clarissa Agbenenou then received two more smiles that cemented her in the semi-final phase, in which she fell victim to Austria’s Lubjana Piovesana, and in the title debate she beat Slovenia’s Andrea Leski to take the crown.

For Cuba today it will be the turn of Ivan Silva, up to 90 kg, as well as Idelannis Gomez, 70 kg. Julio Alderete’s student will make his debut against the winner of the match between David Klammert of the Czech Republic and Maxime Ngayap Hambou of France. The high percentage of medal chances for the Creole team in Doha rests on their chances.

Meanwhile, Gomez will take to the mat for the first time against Anka Pogacnik of Slovenia.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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