The Cuban team will play Uruguay and Chile.

As the Clausura tournament enters its final stretch, the national football team and its fans are looking forward to the next date of international matches, as two friendly matches have recently been announced that will fulfill the dream of many fans of this sport on the island. .

On Tuesday, the Cuban Football Association (AFC) officially announced the June 20 match between the Caribbean Lions and the Uruguayan national team led by the famous Argentine Marcelo Bielsa.

This clash, which will take place at the Centenario Stadium in Montenvideo, will mark the achievement of the highest possible level for our team, which will shortly thereafter take on Canada, Guatemala and an opponent yet to be determined in Group D of the 2023 championship. Golden cup. .

“We have worked hard to reach an agreement between the parties that would be beneficial enough for both parties. At the moment, we are only formalizing the previous agreement in accordance with what was agreed with the Football Association of Uruguay, with which we have excellent relations,” said Oliet Rodríguez Mendez, President of the AFC, to Jitu.

As if this great news wasn’t enough, the AFC has already announced another show clash on the 11th of next month, in which the students of Pablo Elier Sánchez will face their peers from Chile.

The fight will take place at the municipal stadium Esther Roa Rebolledo, located in the Chilean city of Concepción. On this day, players will also be looking to gain new experience against a strong representative led by the Argentinean Eduardo Berizzo.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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