Cuba in the 24th. Central American and Caribbean Games (July 3)

The final week of the San Salvador 2023 Central American and Caribbean Games begins and the Cuban delegation makes it to the third leg of the medal table with 46 gold medals and a total of 110 metals. So far, wrestling has been the driving force in terms of results, and this Monday, most modalities will start one of the most anticipated disciplines: athletics.

On Sunday, the most outstanding result was given by the men’s volleyball players who took the gold by playing the final of the Dominican Republic in three sets (25-17, 25-17 and 25-22) to make it clear that they are from by far the most talented team of the tournament and thus Thus, she made another contribution to the fight against Colombia for the second place in the overall standings.

The running thing will be dizzying, because it is already starting its journey in the field and the track (I remind you that the marathon was held) with the finals in the women’s hammer (w), men’s pool (m), long jump (w) and jump in height (h), as well as running 5000 and 100 meters for women, running 100 meters for men, as well as a mixed relay 4×400 meters.#KubanSport????????? V #San Salvador2023

Today #Cuba compete in:

Rhythmic gymnastics
Field hockey
Water polo
Archery#MoreChallengeMoreCommitment @noroseng

— JR Sports (@JRDeportesCuba) July 3, 2023

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Cuban competition program for this Monday

CUBA July 3

Men. Recursion. Team VS ESA
Women’s Curved Team VS CCS
Men. Composite individual competitions. Omar Sabido VS Vladimir Nolasco ESA

Jan Carlos Hernandez Decathlon
Yaritsa Martinez and Leydis Viamonte Martillo
Shiner Reinfo 100 m
Juan Vasquez Bala
Unisleydis Garcia and Yarima Garcia 100 m
Yoao Ilias and José Gaspar 400 ms/rev.
Leyanis Perez and Adriana Rodriguez long jump
Darielis Sentell and Zurian Hechevarria 400mc/rev
Luis Zayas, high jump
Anisleidis Ochoa 5000 m
Mixed relay 4×400 m

Basketball M 19:00 vs MEX

Chess ♟️
First fast board F
Janiela Forgas vs Danica Vazquez PUR R-6
Second fast board F
Yerisbel Miranda vs R-6 Natasha Morales PUR
First fast board M
Carlos Albornoz vs Joshua Johnson TTO R-8
Second fast board M
Luis Quesada vs. Haydin Lee TTO R-8
First fast board M
Carlos Albornoz vs. Leonardo Valdes CRC R-9
Second fast board M
Luis Quesada vs Sergio Duran CRC R-9
First fast board F
Yaniela Forgas vs. Rose of the Seine HAI R-12
Second fast board F
Yerisbel Miranda vs Valencia Jean HIGH R-12
First fast board F
Yaniela Forgas vs. Vikmary Perez VEN R-21
Second fast board F
Yerisbel Miranda vs Annid Otazo WEN R-21
First fast board M
Carlos Albornoz vs Davidson Gabriel HAI R-24
Second fast board M
Luis Quesada vs Evens Etienne HIGH R-24
First fast board M
Carlos Albornoz vs. Joshua Christie JAM R-26
Second fast board M
Luis Quesada vs Shreyas Smith JAM R-26
First fast board F
Janiela Forgas vs. Gabriella Johnson TTO R-29
Second fast board F
Yerisbel Miranda vs. Adaya Johnson TTO R-29
First fast board F
Janiela Forgas vs. Hannah Wilson BAR R-36
Second fast board F
Jerisbel Miranda vs. Karen Figueroa BAR R-36
First fast board M
Carlos Albornoz vs. Nathaniel Mathurin LCA R-39
Second fast board M
Luis Quesada vs. Cyrus Daniel LCA R-39

Carlos Ramos platform 10 m
Anisley Garcia/Prisis Randish Synchronized Springboard 3m

Handball M vs CRC 19:00

Hockey SF F vs BAR 12:30

Softball F vs. MEX 18:00

25m Rapid Fire M Pistol
Louis Pupo
Jorge Alvarez
Jorge Grau

Polo vs PUR 20:00

Tennis Field
Men’s Doubles 1/8 vs. ESA

rhythmic gymnastics and fencing

(Taken from the Waiting Circle)

Here’s how athletics goes on that day

Bronze ???? In the women’s 100m, Unisladis Garcia placed third in the women’s hectometer final with a time of 11.50…
He ???? for Julien Alfred (11.14) from Saint Lucia and ???? for Jamaican Yanique Dayle (11.39)

Leyanis Perez and silver in the long jump

Photo: Calixto N. Llanes

Access the interview given by Cuban athlete Leianis Perez after winning silver in the long jump that day.

Postcards of the day

Photo: Abel Rojas Barallobre

Cuba wins women’s softball

Cuba beat Mexico 1-0 in women’s softball. A very valuable win for pitcher Ilian Thornes, backed by Ilian Rondon’s fifth inning homer, in the midst of the fourth inning.

Women’s long jump final

Women’s long jump, in which Cubans Adriana Rodriguez and Lejanis Perez take part, now adds up to the final; Rodriguez didn’t have a correct first jump and Pérez comes in second with 6.51 meters.

Record in San Salvador 2023

The Venezuelan veteran, Tokyo 2020 Olympic champion, repeats the Games title.

Cuba behind in a basketball game against Mexico

The first half of the men’s basketball match between Cuba and Mexico has ended. The Cubans are losing at the end of the first half with a score of 48-31 in this last group stage match.

Cuban women’s fencing won gold

Rengifo fails to qualify for the 100m final.

Cuban sprinter Shiner Reginfo passed 4th in the second 100m semi-final run with exactly a time of 10.60 and does not advance to the final.

Men’s basketball lost to Mexico

The Cuban men’s basketball team loses 20-14 in the first quarter to Mexico. Another defeat of our team, and they are eliminated from the group stage of the tournament.

Field and athletics started in San Salvador.

Cuban decathlete Jan Carlos Hernandez. Photo: San Salvador, 2023

Sporting activity started early (although the sport itself started yesterday with a marathon), but the first stages in the field and athletics have just begun and did so on a positive note for Cuba, a personal record for 100m level decathlete Jan Carlos Hernandez.

The native stopped the timers at 10.50 seconds, an encouraging time considering he left everything he could for the most important competition. Thus began his foray, scoring 975 points in the first of ten decathlon events.

There are eight Central Caribbean field and track and field finals with the Cubans among their competitors: Leyanis Perez, Luis Enrique Zayas and the 4×400 mixed relay stand out in the Caribbean presentation.

Yancarlos Hernandez remains second in the decathlon

Having surpassed his personal best in the 100 meters, the Creole decathlete maintained a respectable record in the long jump, and his jump of 7.41 meters brought him 913 units in the total. Then, in the pulse, the bullet lagged a little (13.05 m) and is a cumulative after the first three tests of 2558.

The first place in the competition is momentarily taken by Aiden Owens of Puerto Rico, who is perilously far away with 2674. Bahamian Ken Mullings is third with 2533. Now the decathletes are ahead of the modalities of the high jump and return to the oval in the evening.

Bronze men’s recurve archery team

The Cuban men’s recurve squad of Hugo Franco, Juan José Santisteban and Javier Vega won the bronze medal in the team event in this modality, defeating Venezuela 6–0 in the final match.

Previously, the Cubans lost with the same mark to Colombia. However, given the high level of archery in the area, it can be classified as an acceptable performance.

There is still no women’s tournament, in which Cuba will again be led by veteran Maideniya Sardui.

The Cuban men’s recurve bow team defeated Venezuela 6-0. Photo: San Salvador, 2023

Photo: Calixto N. Llanes

Women’s hockey beat Barbados

Women’s hockey continues to gain momentum and this time the Cuban girls beat Barbados 8-1. The balance tilted in our favor in the third period, ending 4-0, to establish favoritism in a sport in which Cuba would once again compete for a trophy.

Gold medal of the Cuban 25m Rapid Fire Pistol team.

After the victory of his teammate Jorge Felix Alvarez, Olympic champion Leuris Pupo commented to Radio Rebelde: “I finished first and second in both Barranquilla and the Pan American Games in Lima, now it’s his turn. The important thing is that the title belongs to our country.”

Jorge Felix Alvarez, Olympic champion Leuris Pupo. Photo: Abel Rojas Barallobre

Beach soccer, another type of Más Universal taking place around San Salvador in 2023.

The sport of 64 squares made its debut in the world’s oldest multi-sport match.

Second place in the synchronized springboard

A three-metre synchronized springboard gives Cuba second place to Anisli Garcia and Prisis Leidis Ruiz (244.50), behind only Colombians Uribe/Zapata (254.10). Mendoza/Navarro (244.14) from Mexico placed third in this diving event.

This is how the table of medals opens

The gold medal won by men’s volleyball led the Cuban delegation to 46 gold and 110 in total, two crowns from Colombia for second place in the table, although athletics should be the sport that promotes the island with a good number of medals.

This remaining week will mark the future of the medal table, so it will be a real madness to live in San Salvador, waiting to enjoy all the missing challenges, especially the king of the sport.

Here is what the medal table of the Central American and Caribbean Games looks like today:

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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