Matanzas thrashes Las Tunas undefeated in Cuban baseball playoffs

In the 80th extra-inning played in the postseason, the Matanzas team left Las Tunas on the field today in the Cuban baseball semi-finals, broke their undefeated record in the playoffs, and revived ghosts between both teams.

A tenth-inning hit by Ariel Sanchez, with the bases loaded, ended the game 3-2 and did not put the Crocodiles in a situation no one has yet recovered from in the island championships.

The result brought the people of Matanzas closer together in the series after they fell a couple of times while on a tour of the Las Tunas property.

Although he didn’t have a decision, Denis Quesada’s Crocodiles starting lineup (8.2 IP, 1 CL, 6H, 5K and 1BB) contained a Leñadores offense against the Angel Sánchez tandem (4.2 IP, 4H, 2K and 3BB) and the underdog Rodolfo Diaz (4.1 IP, 1CL, 5H, 1K and 1BB).

The Las Tunas players came close to making the playoffs 3-0, a balance that never changed in the Cuban baseball playoffs, but their defense kept them alive in the ninth with two consecutive errors that opened the door to a tie. If the Matanzas didn’t finish the game this inning, it was due to a well-placed hit from right fielder Hector Castillo that knocked runner Anibal Medina out of the house.

The sensational victory was signed by Armando Dueñas (1.1 IP, 2H, 2K), which also served as a tribute to recently deceased player Yoandi Garlobo, an All-Star team member in the first World Classic, who was asked for a minute of applause in the fifth inning.

This is the fourth time Matanzas has faced Las Tunas in the playoffs and they have always won the third challenge from which they have made the necessary strides to win previous duels.

Las Tunas came into play this Monday with six wins without a loss in the playoffs, after defeating Ciego de Avila in the quarter-finals and starting the semi-finals with two strikes against the national runner-up.

Tomorrow the two teams will clash again and the pitchers have already been announced: Yasel Labrada for the Lumberjacks and international Nikel Cruz for Matanzas.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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