Negotiations between the delegations of Cuba and Belize were successful

BELIZE CITY, Belize. “Negotiations between the two delegations were successful and we are very grateful for the presence of President Diaz-Canel here,” Belizean Prime Minister John Antonio Bricegno said in a press statement. accompanied the head of the Cuban state during this official visit.

Belize and Cuba have maintained a “very special relationship” over the years, he said, and hundreds of Belizeans have graduated from higher education in the Greater Antilles, many of them medical professionals.

The cooperation that we have with the island in this area, he said, is very important, since it is the Cuban collaborators who, in many cases, “go to the most remote areas, to the villages where many Belizean doctors come, for economic reasons they do not want to be, and for this I want to thank the President and the Cuban people.”

Prime Minister Briseño also highlighted the support provided by Cuba during the most difficult moments of confronting the pandemic. “We can never forget that when we had the COVID-19 crisis, when no one knew what to do, what was going to happen, the Henry Reeve team was the first to arrive in Belize and went to work with our doctors and nurses; when everyone got scared and stayed at home, they were all over the country. It cannot be paid for with money, but it is something we will always cherish.

With a health connection, he explained that work is underway to “further strengthen the relationship that exists between the two countries.” He also commented on Belize’s interest in expanding cooperation specifically for diabetes management, including training of medical personnel and access to Heberprot-p, a drug that is well known internationally and used in several countries around the world.

Concerning the agreements signed as a result of official negotiations on cooperation in the field of migration and culture. In particular, with regard to the latter, he emphasized that “Cuba has a lot of experience in music, art, dance, which they can share with us, and we want to be able to share our experience with Cuba as well, and that it be mutual learning.” .”

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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