The European Parliament requested fighter jets and missiles for Kyiv

BRUSSELS, 16 February. Two messages from Europe show the contradictions that exist in the countries of the old continent in relation to Russia. On the one hand, the European Parliament “reaffirmed its support for providing military assistance to Ukraine as long as necessary” by approving a resolution this Thursday asking EU countries to supply fighter jets, helicopters and missiles to Kiev; while the EU ambassadors failed to agree on the tenth package of anti-Russian sanctions, according to Russia Today and Politico.

The European Parliament, by 444 votes to 26 with 37 abstentions, approved a resolution that requires EU member states to provide additional military equipment for Ukraine.

The MEPs also called on the EU to approve the tenth package of sanctions against Russia, “substantially expand its scope”, as well as “increase the effectiveness of existing sanctions”, and also proposed to confiscate these Russian assets in favor of Ukraine. and insisted that Russia pay “reparations” after the end of hostilities.

Among other things, the Verkhovna Rada emphasizes that the conflict in Ukraine has changed the geopolitical situation in Europe, “demanding bold, bold and comprehensive political, financial and financial decisions from the EU,” RT reports.

However, the EU was unable to approve a new package of sanctions against Russia, as disagreements arose, according to, which received drafts of the documents under discussion. One of the controversial issues is the synthetic rubber used in the manufacture of tires, for which the European Commission wants to punish.

Countries including Italy and Germany were skeptical about a ban on the product, while Poland called for restrictions.

The information recalled that the synthetic rubber industry annually brings Russia billions of dollars in revenue, and the bloc wants to reduce this flow. For example, in 2021, Russia exported nearly $2 billion worth of synthetic rubber.

Despite this disagreement, it is reported that the EU expects to approve the tenth package of sanctions on the anniversary of the start of the conflict in Ukraine, on February 24 next year.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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