Europe had a stormy weekend

Hundreds of people have arrived at the largest US military facility in Europe, the Ramstein base in Germany, where the Pentagon-led Ukrainian Defense Contact Group is meeting. They carried a categorical call: to stop the supply of weapons to Ukraine, a burden that Washington and NATO present to Kyiv as “aid” to Western democracy.

Last Sunday was not a one-man demonstration. About 50,000 people marched through Berlin on Saturday with the same aim to demand an end to hostilities and the restoration of peace on the Old Continent. There were also rallies and marches in London, Paris and dozens of other French cities called from the right; while in Genoa and Milan, several thousand Italians, at the invitation of the left, demanded “less weapons, higher wages” for the war to kill and destroy any political or ideological positions.

It wasn’t the destructive sounds of cannons, it was the drums and flags demanding an end to the war that reigned in the crowd of protesters on the outskirts of Ramstein, and among the posters there was a classic and understandable call to American troops: go home.

The protest action in the German capital was called “Rebellion for Peace” and was organized by prominent left-wing politician Sarah Wagenknecht and writer Alice Schwarzer. This was not the first demonstration, because in mid-February, about ten thousand people marched the streets of Munich to show their support for peace to the heads of state, politicians and military authorities of 96 countries who gathered at the Bayerische Hotel. Hof on the 59th. The Munich Security Conference, where NATO intended to force other countries to join in their decision to continue supporting Kyiv against Moscow. Russia was not invited to this conclave.

At the moment, there are no huge crowds marching, but this seems to be the beginning of a rationality-driven request that more people should take on. Americans were already demonstrating in front of the Capitol when Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky went to Washington last December to ask for more weapons.

Moreover, a poll of Americans on this issue by Rasmussen Reports showed that only 21% of voters believe in a victory for Kyiv, and 46% see a deadlock in the confrontation with Russia. While another Associated Press-NORC poll conducted in late January found that less than half of voters (48 percent) still agree with sending weapons to Kiev, and only 26 percent believe that Washington should continue to play an “important role ‘ in conflict.

But Biden remains “steadfast” in his support for a war with the scene in Kyiv, which could benefit everyone if they don’t sit down at the negotiating table. The blindness caused by the multi-billion dollar profits of the arms industry is also clouding the mind, and they rely on warfare to reach a deal only from a position of strength.

Unfortunately, NATO follows the orders of the main thief in law. Europe needs a lot to wake up from dangerous lethargy.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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