Raul ratifies Cuba’s permanent escort to Venezuela (+Video)

Army General Raul Castro Castro Ruz, leader of the Cuban Revolution, confirmed this Sunday that the tribute of Cuba and its people to Hugo Chávez will always accompany and follow him.

At the closing of the World Assembly for the validity of the Bolivarian thought of the revolutionary leader, the army general emphasized that Chavez and his associates shook our continent and influenced the modern history of our America, reports PL.

Raul emphasized that we were marked by Chavez and witnessed aggression and economic warfare to overthrow the Bolivarian process, but also, in his opinion, we witnessed with pride that the Venezuelan people knew how to defend their gains and not disappoint them.

He stressed that we have also witnessed Nicolás Maduro’s leadership in continuing the Chávez cause and his ability to resist and win.

He assured that “Cuba has been and will be next to the Venezuelan people, next to Maduro and the military-civil union of the Bolivarian and Chavista peoples.”

In his speech, the General of the Army noted that one of the strengths of Chavez’s leadership was his commitment to the principles and commitments he made, and assured that he sets goals that also show us the way.

He pointed out that the Cuban people quickly identified Chavez’s qualities, his charisma, sympathy and gift to the people, and when he learned about his illness, he asked about his condition, evolution and what could be done.

He said that Chavez’s death caused deep pain to the Cuban people, and the people were not wrong with their leaders, he said.

He recalled that a few days after his departure, Fidel passionately and painfully wrote in one of his “Reflections”, published in the Cuban press on March 5, “the best friend of the Cuban people throughout its history has passed away.”

Raul said that Commander-in-Chief Fidel saw a leader in Chavez very early and foresaw his political future, when many did not even know him yet.

Chávez had the same revolutionary impulse as the Cuban revolution, Fidel’s idea that victory exists as long as it is fought for; it was in his ideology, he pointed out.

He noted that the concept of “yes, we can”, despite the huge problems, Chavez puts into practice every day.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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