Mexican Foreign Minister to Explain US Threats to Sovereignty

MEXICO CITY, 13 March. — President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) announced earlier this week that Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard would travel to the United States to educate citizens and Latinos about the threat of a military invasion of Mexico by Republican lawmakers.

In response to a question at his morning press conference at the National Palace about the tweets of Marco Cortés, head of the National Action Party, about the alleged failure of his security policy; The president accused the leaders of this conservative group of acting in concert with US Republican lawmakers, the LP said.

The President of Mexico has warned that this is a sovereignty issue caused by the same people who wanted to subjugate Mexico to their dictatorship and act as they did in the drug state of former President Felipe Calderon (2006-2012) and other neo-liberals. when the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) acted on its own and entered the kitchen without asking anyone for permission.

López Obrador revealed that these individuals controlled the Secretary of the Navy at will, and what was the result? He wondered: “Well, more murders, a criminal connection between the authorities of the two countries and organized crime, and we are not going to continue this.” politics,” he said.

The leader of the National Revival Movement (MORENA) announced that if they continued to exert pressure, “we are going to inform the Mexican people and the United States, since Republican legislators have gone to the extreme in threatening us with military means, that if we do not help them, the US Army has invaded into our territory so that they invade us.

AMLO has characterized these threats as a disrespect that we do not accept and today (Monday March 13) Marcelo Ebrard will be in Washington to meet with all Mexicans, Hispanics and Americans and explain to them the perfidious and arrogant way in which these legislators and that Mexico does because it’s a lie that it doesn’t deal with drugs and fentanyl or organized crime.

On the contrary, he explained, if we do not act in this way, Mexico will turn into hell, because it will be in the hands of white collars and organized crime, as in the days of Calderon and his drug state, because now, in the country there is a government of the people, and not mafia.

López Obrador has criticized the mainstream press in the United States, such as The Washington Post or The New York Times, which, like the Mexican press, does not represent the American people, but rather political and economic interest groups, governments and elites. and not citizens, he added.

Finally, he talked about important changes around the world and that in the case of Mexico, great progress has been made in this regard, because it is a country where there is less political illiteracy and the conservative media can manipulate people less. .

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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