China warns of U.S. countermeasures against Taiwan leader’s arrest

BEIJING, 29 March. China protested this Wednesday and warned that it would take countermeasures if Taiwan’s leader Tsai Ing-wen stops in the United States and meets with local politicians during his visit to Central America.

The State Council Office for Territory Affairs urged the US authorities to refrain from coordinating the leader’s transit visits and to schedule meetings with any official in the city of Los Angeles.

He demanded that Washington demonstrate through concrete action that it is fulfilling its commitment not to support Taiwan’s independence aspirations.

He also indicated that China would respond with “strong countermeasures” if Tsai finally met House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on April 5.

Similarly, the Foreign Ministry stressed that Beijing will closely monitor the development of the situation and will protect national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

He called on the United States to refrain from activities that undermine the political foundations of mutual ties, and also not to create more obstacles to their development.

The Taiwanese politician plans to make two stops across North America, one Thursday morning and another next Wednesday, while traveling and returning from his tour of Belize and Guatemala.

This trip comes after Honduras severed more than 80 years of ties with Taipei last Sunday and re-established them with China.

Since 2017, El Salvador, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and five other countries have taken this step, leaving Taiwan with only 13 territories that recognize it.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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