Defend Communism in America

Between the questions and answers from both sides, in order to settle curiosity, concepts and knowledge, there was a meeting of the participants of the “Hello Comrade” project of the Communist Party of the USA with young Cubans.

The venue was the Center for Youth Studies in Havana, where Reudenis Salas Hartemant, a member of the National Bureau of the UJC, as well as university students and members of Cuban youth organizations and movements spoke about their experiences in a country awarded the title of communist.

There, they learned more about the work that UJC does with all young Cubans and the leading role of young Cubans joining the effort every day to build a better society.

A group of Americans, most of them young, with different backgrounds and problems, are determined to show in their country, where the words of communism for the majority are a symbol of the absence of democracy, how much better a society can be if it moves away from capitalism. canons.

To do this, they make a tour of various countries, starting with Portugal and Chile, where they met with members of the communist parties of these peoples and are now in Cuba, a negative symbol for many in their country.

“The goal is to collect experiences and transfer them to social networks on their various platforms to demonstrate that the discrediting of communism does not have solid foundations, but is based on myths and distortions accumulated over time,” explained Arturo Cambron, one from project leaders.

The group visits various places of economic, social and cultural interest in Cuba and will take part in the celebration on the 1st. May.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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