Forest fires rage in Greece

A forest fire in the north of Corfu, which is very frequented by tourists, forced a “preventive evacuation of 2,466 people” from Sunday night to Monday, spokesman Yiannis Artopios told the AFP news agency. So far, the flames have not destroyed any houses or hotels, a source told DW.

In Corfu, the evacuation of the popular resort of Nisaki began early Monday morning. Coast Guard boats transported about 1,000 tourists and residents to safety, state television said.

After a long drought, big fires are raging not only on the islands of Rhodes and Corfu, but also in many other regions of Greece.

Large fires were also reported Monday morning on the island of Evia, near Karystos, and on the Peloponnese, near the small port town of Aegion. There, too, numerous villages were evacuated.

No one has been hurt so far, according to emergency services.

The huge fire in Rhodes continued on Monday for the seventh day in a row. About 20,000 people from the southeast of the island were brought there on Saturday in one of the largest evacuations in Greek history.

In all cases, fire planes and helicopters were used at first light on Monday morning to fight the fires, according to Civil Protection.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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