The US “inflated a balloon” with a “Chinese fairy tale”

For happy Cubans. We are proud of this, and here I am telling you about the farce that the White House, the State Department and the Pentagon have staged in the Western media and networks – pretending to be social – the Chinese balloon spy pageant. , dedicated to a weather review that veered off course and took to the skies over Montana, I believe after passing over Alaska and Canada undetected.

“Oh, what a fuss!” I was singing “Charangon” by Elito Reve on the radio when, by coincidence, I read new revelations about Chinese weather balloons over the US at least four more times in recent years, three of them during the Donald Trump administration and one during the current administration. Joseph. Biden, without the formidable US military and intelligence apparatus noticing the infiltration at the time.

I don’t know if Air Force General Glen VanHerke, head of the North American Aerospace Defense Command, the joint organization of Canada and the United States that provides defense and air traffic control for all of North America, blushed when he admitted to the press: detect threats to North America…” “I will tell you that we have not found these threats, and this is a knowledge gap in the field that we must fill.”

He learned about the balloon flights across North America from intelligence community information reconstructing them after they happened.

It sent goosebumps in Republican circles and several former Trump officials, including former national security adviser Robert O’Brien, who told Politico, “We’ve never been briefed, never heard of it.” The children’s game “Who puts a tail on a donkey” came to mind.

A couple of days after Montana, a Chinese artifact was spotted right over South America, no more gibberish than the same “fable” that shrewd American officials repeated in English. Probably, the Latin Americans of TIAR – the Inter-American Mutual Assistance Treaty – if they appreciated, then did not attach importance to it, because they considered it with the identification of an eagle, stripes and stars, which is usual, and responded to the Inter-American Mutual Defense Pact, signed on September 2, 1947 in Rio de Janeiro.

Most likely, some in these latitudes told themselves; albeit on a par with the Chinese globe in these parts, with the utmost seriousness, as required by the issue of US interference in “Our America”, the Venezuelan government and its head of the Strategic Operations Command of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, Domingo Hernandez, condemned that American spy planes violated the air space of Venezuela at least four times in the last 30 days, “ignoring international agreements. There is really little cynicism!,” he noted on his Twitter account, and this responded to a message on the same social network by Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino, who classified the US attitude as cynical.
Teamed up to shoot down a Chinese civilian balloon on a scientific mission.

It is not without reason to condemn obscenity when the Pentagon has invaded the skies of the world with spy satellites and its reconnaissance or warships are flying over Asian, Slavic, European, African, South American, Caribbean airspace and even over the cold poles, while military bases and outposts is everywhere on planet Earth.

But the staging in US airspace served to curtail something very sensible that should have served to ease tensions between Washington and Beijing, so Secretary of State Anthony Blinken justified postponing his trip to the Chinese capital, where he was likely to meet with President Xi Jinping. .

The balloon incident has soured the already fragile diplomatic relationship between China and the US. Photo: Press

As you know, after several days of manipulative mine hunting that sowed fear among its citizens, with speculation about whether they would shoot down a Chinese balloon or not, the “good guy” from the movie arrived maneuvering a Raptor. US Air Force F-22A fighter in combat position and fired an AIM-9X short-range air-to-air missile. The hit hit a white meteorological balloon and the “enemy” exploded in mid-air over the Atlantic Ocean, about six nautical miles off the coast of South Carolina, where Surfside Beach lovers were enjoying the spectacle, some local media commented.

I believe the bombing had blown the ship to shreds and finding the wreckage would not be easy, but the helium still needs to be pumped out of the balloon, and White House National Security spokesman Jack Sullivan said at the time that they want to “restore” the Chinese balloon, marked by work and by the grace of propaganda manipulations in all media spheres, like a spy device, a “balloon” inflated at the planetary level to show the US to the naive and pliable world as a victim of the Asian giant, whose shadow they fear and want to eliminate.

Sullivan pointed out that, despite the new predicament, although the recovery of the balloon would take time, it would be useful, “so later
we can use what we recovered and learn even more from what we got.

In turn, since cynicism is an essential condition of US politics and diplomacy, State Department spokesman Ned Price said they reaffirmed their willingness to maintain “open lines of communication” with their great strategic rival: “Even in these times of heightened tension, we want to be able to pick up the phone and talk” with the Chinese.

To lift the curtain, though not to applause, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan insisted, “The United States is not seeking a new Cold War” with China. Rather, it seems that they want to warm it up.

Meanwhile, the “Chinese tale in English” about the Chinese hot air balloon captivated the unsuspecting northern public in these days of early February, perhaps so that they would not perceive the hardships of a truly dangerous time.

How to believe the Washington version, when a few days after the balloon, on January 28, four-star General Mike Miniham, who leads the Air Mobility Command, told his troops in a memo that he believed they would be at war with China by 2025, explaining the bait he wants Beijing to take:

“My intuition tells me that we will fight in 2025. Xi Jinping won his third term and established a military tribunal in October 2022. Taiwan’s presidential election will be held in 2024 and will give Xi a reason. The US presidential election will be held in 2024 and Xi will distract America. By 2025, the Xi team, mind and capability will be aligned.”

He added to his staff to “strive for leadership” in February and deal with personal matters to “make sure they are legally ready and prepared” in March.

So they inflate a balloon with gasoline and bring a lit Made in USA match to it.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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