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HOLGUÍN.— 3D printing and robotic design workshops, projections, music and literature meetings, photo exhibitions and other initiatives, the III International Educational Film Festival (Mice) rolls for the first time in the eastern region, to popularize cinematic knowledge at an early age and exhibition materials from teachers and students of the audiovisual department.

Josep Arbiol, President of Mice International, stated: Jr that “everything went very well thanks to the right organization with the support of the relevant authorities. The degree of commitment is noticeable. The screenings were full. And the first date parade was very Cuban, Holguin and emotional, as the festive and open soul of this country was reflected in the more than 500 participating boys and girls; children’s expressions combine discipline and interest as they observe, question and understand.

“The levels of audiovisual material produced by boys and girls are of high quality, as they use technology, master the plans, and learn many of the codes of their age, which I would advise to study in schools as well.

“We want children in the era of social networks and without underestimating the written word to form judgments and acquire a critical consciousness. We will close the conference in Gibara for what this city represents for Cuban cinema and for the warmth of its people.

For her part, Yvonne Sanchez, the highest representative of the Mice on the island, assured: “The first event took place only in the capital, while the second also included Villa Clara, Matanzas, Pinar del Rio and Artemisa. Currently we have come to Holguin because of its tradition in education and audiovisual production with boys and girls.

“Although there are also working relationships between us with different people and projects such as El Almiquí in the city of Holguin and Voces del Audiovisual from Gibar. The intention is also to congratulate these examples. We will start on Monday with various events in the main municipality and finish this Friday in Gibar, where Voces del Audiovisual and Conexión Ambiental will take the lead.

Teenagers also took part in the III edition of “Mice on the Island” Photo: Judit Kordova

“Professional feature films aimed at young people are one of the highlights of the programme, and films are shown every morning. In an educational context, we also place in schools materials made by children and teenagers from Cuba and around the world. These ways allow them to show that there is another type of cinema, and so far the reception has been positive.

The journey of the exhibition (started over ten years ago in Valencia, Spain) to the northeast has ended, where there will be particularly sensitive transitions, such as presence in El Paraiso, a vulnerable community of the main municipality, or film screenings in centers for boys and girls with special educational needs – in the territory of Gibareno – in Havana, activities similar to those held in Holguin from 3 to 9 April, organized by the Juan Marinello Cuban Cultural Institute, will continue. Research.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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