Song of beauty and poetry

“These are songs. Not for us. Thank you very much for your solidarity and love. They want to silence us and have our singing distracted by skirmishes or worse, to continue to be overshadowed by the usurious mechanisms of the cultural industry. If you respect us, do not contribute your contribution to silence Share our songs Recent or past We are proud of all Recommend the one you like best to those who don’t know it We may disappear tomorrow But don’t let the music die May it survive in the hearts of those who needs it.”

Here’s how the Buena Fe duo made their feelings clear on their social media after the recent attacks received in the middle of their tour of Spain.

The shameful attack that victims of singers and songwriters Israel Rojas and Yoel Martínez before a concert in Barcelona this Thursday received a vigorous response from the creators of various artistic manifestations, presented in a joint statement issued by the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), Hermanos Saíz Association (AHS), the National Union of Cultural Workers and the Ministry of Culture and its agencies.

“We reject the gross and illegal attempt to usurp the sacred name of the motherland in order to attack Cuban culture and the freedom to enjoy the performances of our artists,” said the statement, which was supported and attended by intellectuals such as poet Alex Pausidis, critic Pedro de la Hoz, musician Pancho Amat, troubadour Ariel Diaz, choreographer Miguel Iglesias and others.

In a statement released at a press conference by singer-songwriter Martha Campos, vice president of the music section of Uneac, it is confirmed that “in order to counter this hatred, out of a commitment to national independence, sovereignty encouraged by entrenched anti-imperialism, we use the weapons that we wield. , artists, our song is about beauty and poetry, with an unshakable belief that a more just, humane and supportive world is possible.”

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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