Carnival is a work that will premiere at Las Estaciones this summer.

On the eve of its 29th anniversary, the famous group of puppeteers Teatro de Las Estaciones will premiere. Carnivala fantasy of love in lonely times, a work that invites children to visit Pepe Camejo’s room in the city of Matanzas on 22, 23, 29 and 30 July.

According to Cuban News Agency, the artistic director of the production is Ruben Dario Salazar Takechel, winner of the National Theater Award 2020, who also participates in the cast, along with actors Maria Laura Germán, Ivan Garcia and Yadiel Durán, who give life to the four characters of the dynamic play.

For Salazar Takechel, who plays the curmudgeon Don Pantalon, a character who has just appeared in the Las Estaciones repertoire alongside the classics Pierrot, Colombina and El Harlequin, he “travels to dark and bright places where there is neither good nor bad.”

IN Carnivalactors and puppets will convey to the audience the conflicts of classic art comedy characters that cover emotions such as sadness, joy, fear or surprise.

The production, designed by Zenen Calero, National Theater Award 2020, will be accompanied by a piece of music from the 19th century. animal carnivalin addition to other works composed by the Europeans Felix Mendelssohn, Gabriel Fauré and Robert Schumann to engage the public in a sound joke on Carnival day.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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