Cuba, always Cuba

Now it turns out that the unpresentable European Parliament is going crazy with some statements against Cuba. There is nothing new in this, this institution has repeatedly adopted resolutions condemning and discrediting Cuba. On a number of occasions they have given prizes and recognition to elements that receive money from the United States for anti-Cuban propaganda. In the midst of the chaos that has erupted in France and mainly in Paris, this parliament condemns Cuba for violating the human rights of Cubans. They are demanding the immediate release of those who were sentenced to prison for participating in the riots that took place on the Island on July 11, 2021. This, as it were, suggests that in other people’s eyes they see dust, but in their own they do not see stone upon stone.

Hundreds of citizens were arrested in France for taking part in demonstrations that turned violent at the time, the wounded and beaten being counted by the masses. The police attacked with all their might, trying to control the riots that took place on the streets of French cities. And what did the discredited European Parliament do? Nothing, not a single word of condemnation of the French authorities. Of course, this is nothing new, such silence has always existed while European citizens were beaten with democratic clubs and multi-party rubber bullets.

As in France, on July 11, 2021, there were riots in some Cuban cities, looting was carried out by criminal elements who violently set fire to public institutions, attacked citizens, overturned cars, attacked law enforcement officers. For these events, the main vandals were put on trial and sentenced to prison. Now it turns out that those convicted of shoplifting are perceived by the European Parliament as defenders of freedom and democracy. Right-wing MEPs consider them political prisoners and demand immediate release by the Cuban government.

With what morality can this parliament demand anything from Cuba?

This is the same parliament that supports the supply of weapons of all kinds to the Ukrainian government so that the war can continue. He is the one who does not open his mouth to condemn the Israeli government’s genocide against the Palestinian people. The same person who is silent about the illegal presence of US military forces on Syrian territory. The one who supported the war in Afghanistan and the invasion of Iraq. The one who helped overthrow the Libyan government and destroy this prosperous country.

Certainly, this discredited European Parliament has no morals to demand anything from anyone in the world, especially from Cuba. Unfortunately, the famous European Union has become a small branch of the United States. She does what this country tells her, they are like vassal states, satellites of North America. They are playing with fire, providing unlimited support to Ukraine to continue the war and evade any agreements in order to achieve peace. A further escalation of the war may suddenly end fatally for the European peoples.

Recently, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken also issued a statement on this issue, demanding that Cuba release the so-called “political prisoners” under the same conditions as their European lackeys. It’s not the first time he’s done this. It seems incredible that the head of the foreign policy of a country that has a prison on Cuban territory, where hundreds of prisoners from different parts of the world were tortured and held for years without trial, comes demanding that Cuba release several hundred people who caused violence in the streets.

Truly, the propaganda war waged against the Caribbean island is enormous. It is the same in social networks, both in various Western governments, and in the press: radio, written and television, propaganda against Cuba goes on and on. It is very difficult to defend against this irregular war, so the only thing the Cuban government can do is turn its back on it and move forward.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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