Be careful with retrankeros!

If we exclude acting, stupid? of those nooks and crannies that vilify and torment our society, of course, this would work much better. Explanation of why he falls from the bush. Follow and you will see…

Let’s just say that everything would be faster if we could put an end to this scourge, which has grown old a few years ago, despite the criticism of the population. Especially if you apply the wheel to those who perform administrative functions by decree and can be easily replaced.

Transparent! Without falling into the fact that another evil almost always refers to those retrankeros who, when replaced by inadequate management, dedicate them to their own kind, and some endure a long pilgrimage from one position to another until they finally explode.

These administrative managers, the creators of artificial problems (as if there were few goals), were talked about at meetings of candidates for deputies with the public and workers of various industries, who, not without reason, revealed the need to apply the necessary brake right now to finish putting them in line, and call the bell also to those who shelter them.

Among the blunders, monstrous!, on a larger and smaller scale, emerges a common denominator of a lack of logic and a disregard—something extremely dangerous—of legal provisions on the subject they mishandle.

People understand and accept the difficulties due to lack or limited resources, primarily due to the blockade. But they find it difficult to digest those caused by wrong action.

What he? Even Bobo de Hatillo knows this, you say… and he is right, but we repeat some of those that jump back and forth, like the marabou itself.

From the simplest, such as the service hours we have to claim the Guinness World Record duo (it’s broken during opening and closing times), to dangerous food fraud; delays in procedures of all kinds; rallying delegates to people’s power, non-compliance with laws and even rules imposed by other bureaucrats from above! .. and follow the attitude, we are all well aware of administrative blunders.

How many resources are required to address these ongoing challenges? Obviously not, it was stated at the meetings of candidates for deputies.

What delegitimize the rights of others out of ignorance? retranqueros, it is necessary to finish him off into the gutter and clear the advance towards the horizon of imaginary obstacles rooted in unprofessionalism.

He who does not have this virtue and who does not make efforts for people should never be trusted with the distribution of four loaves of bread. We?

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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