Courage, not mediocre conformism

The most urgent task facing the newly elected Cuban government in the near future to preserve socialism is to manage with wisdom and strength the announced macroeconomic stabilization that will curb the runaway inflation and eliminate the shortage of still unsatisfactory and bad industries and services. on the productive forces, obstacles and obstacles remain untouched, in spite of all the changes adopted.

And the most challenging will be to achieve this against the backdrop of the unshakable and fastidious American blockade in its constant revenge. The most realistic thing would be to exclude and ignore from our development equation the incredible cessation of that cruel imperial gag that, on the one hand, stifles us, and, on the other hand, serves as a pretext for masking our own mistakes and shortcomings.

It will be extremely difficult to get out of the hole in which our economy has fallen amid so many exogenous and internal adversities. But there is no other way out than to dare to even take risks on the path of socialism; never orthodox conformity and caution, which may jeopardize our social project. The Cuban miracle, if we tune in to this, should, including in the economy, raise anchors above the imperial determinism that spoils and slows us down so much.

“Nothing is written about cowards,” as those rookie militiamen in the sands of Chiron proclaimed, so today, a truce in the face of our economic problems also depends on the courage to defend this socialism in its irreversibility, and not turn back on the road. conformist to keep handing out flaws and flaws and doing the same thing that didn’t work. It would be the best tribute to so much bloodshed, the early destruction of our lives.

We need to systematically complete our economic reforms without ignoring their political appeal. Without jerks and swings. No failures. An economy that is decentralizing and diversifying, that proclaims more and more autonomy in relation to the bases, requires the granting of more powers and freedoms to its subjects, whether public, private or cooperative. Eliminate connections and too many bureaucratic intermediaries. Combine them, no prejudice or waterproof compartments, to fill in Cuban’s harrowing table and many other gaps. So that good and successful ideas are embodied in the body of a shabby country.

And that economic democratization does not necessarily mean giving up the reins of government by the state, but rather control and oversight by this regulatory body through fiscal instruments and indirect methods. Non-administrative, decree. This economic democratization is logically designed to strengthen, at higher levels, far from autocracy, socialist democracy in the political and social spheres.

This is where the recent insistence of the leadership of the Cuban government towards “government on the street”, “with all and for the good of all”, “next to the people, where lie the greatest difficulties facing them and the search for solutions, the removal of obstacles and obstacles that cause discontent of the population and impeding progress. These words are urgently needed to revive throughout the country.

This government and the newly elected parliament, which increasingly must become its own counterbalance, have a difficult and delicate mission to promote the democratic movement at all levels, seek consensus, consult public opinion and scientifically based diagnoses. Opening space for debate and discussion, exuding a similarity of feelings and thoughts so diverse. It is unity in diversity. Unity in sincerity and transparency, not false and misleading unanimity.

So many of the economic problems that plague us cannot be solved overnight. But it is necessary to open gaps and convince, seduce, kindling the light of hope in so many tunnels of uncertainty. Meanwhile, so many phenomena of subjectivism, negligence, lawlessness, crime and corruption, the leaven of uncontrollability must be stopped in time. And to do this according to the already forgotten principle of suitability: let those who are there be there, because they are not all who are there. And to respond to the trust of the Sovereign, which is not an eternal gift.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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