The plate on the table depends on everyone

The surest way to make the economy move forward, grow and develop is to produce. In this, perhaps, we agree unanimously. There have never been magic formulas from an economic point of view, because either you get up and drive consciously with a collective effort, or you end up mired in the same mud of unproductiveness. You can only get out of this morass of numbers that show defaults, inefficiencies, and yield-based limits.

The party’s first secretary and President of the Republic, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, called the issue an urgent one for the country during his recent trips to various provinces, during which he also called for the promotion of local production. systems supporting territorial self-sufficiency.

But in practice, we continue, literally, falsely “plowing” into a very salty sea, between the coming and going of discursive waves that tell us: “We need to produce more.” And it is logical that this slogan leads us, for example, among so many wastelands on both sides of the main roads, or when the decisive impulse of the socialist state enterprise, the basis of our economic system, seems to be decisive. happens very slowly, almost imperceptibly.

As for agriculture, Deputy Prime Minister and head of the department of economics and planning Alejandro Gil Fernandez said in recent days that almost all major industries are systematically reduced from year to year. “Production levels of root crops, vegetables, eggs, milk, rice, beans and other products have fallen,” he admitted.

Faced with this disturbing reality, it seems that decisions are in the interests of a few, as if this phenomenon is not a problem that affects the lives of all Cubans. It is true that much is needed to achieve higher yields, all the more so when we live under siege and with external guns aimed at the nerve centers of an economy already struck by the force of so many years of blockade. .

However, the key to productivity development to a certain extent depends not only on the level of imports or fertilizers, which in the case of agriculture we lack. It’s about ourselves. From these kind hands and the commitment of men and women to work.

At least I am convinced of the romance between ideas and consistent practice. Our generation did not live in boots for long days in the field, as was the case with my grandparents and even with those whom our parents echoed.

What has changed now? We have reconfigured ourselves and many times we think that participating in production is just getting into the rhythm on a certain day and without a system. And mirages in the end bring as much harm as immobility itself.

If we want to radically turn agricultural productivity and productivity around 360 degrees, it is time to also think about bringing back from his ideas and concepts that youthful contribution to the field that our commander-in-chief Fidel Castro Ruz promoted from the beginning of the revolution.

I am not talking about mass movements from one province to another, with calculations that imply exorbitant transport and logistics costs, because this has been the main reason for school closures in rural areas. Moreover, the pursuit of excellence should lead us to think about the concept of work as a noble high school, pre-college or higher level contribution in response to the basic needs of each territory.

Diaz-Canel called for job creation to increase production levels in agricultural companies by linking the Youth Labor Army to the plans of the municipalities. And I would add on this occasion the impulse of students, youth and workers who, voluntarily at the local level, can also systematically place work in agriculture on weekends or at any time of the month.

To do this, it is necessary to mobilize the spirit from the locality itself and put into practice how, without making the same mistakes. Participation alone does not make us heroes, it is part of those hidden responsibilities that often fit us as a generation. And production in this country is now the slogan.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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