The season raises the temperature

February is starting to shed the first glimpses of the sport’s current strength, with performance and timing already making fans of the king of sports rub their hands in the face of the world competition next August. For Cuba, fortunately, the season is also starting to pick up, as the title of this text suggests.

And it’s better than ever to say, as high jumper Luis Enrique Zayas improved his barbell flight from his debut a few days ago and finished this Saturday at the meeting in Hustopeč, Czech Republic in fifth position, which tastes better when record to be confirmed: 2.27 meters (m). This jump, achieved on his third attempt, is much closer to what World Athletics requires to register for the summer tournament in Budapest, Hungary.

However, the highlight for the Greater Antilles yesterday was triple jumper Lázaro Martínez’ second step on the podium in the Val de Rei with a good 17.16m for his 2023 debut. Hugh got the gold. Fabrice Zango of Burkina Faso, the reigning vice-champion of the world, who managed to stretch to a respectable 17.48m. The bronze medal was won by Andy Diaz, who no longer represents the Cuban Athletics Federation.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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