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Dominican Republic wins Caribbean Series


Los Tigres del Lisei (Dominican Republic) beat Leones de Caracas (Venezuela) three rounds to nil to claim their eleventh title and establish themselves as the club with the most wins in the Caribbean Series, a match in which the Dominicans took 22 crowns , published by Cubadebate. .

In the crowded Simón Bolivar Park, which premiered in the series, those led by José Offman with the huge Cesar Valdes on the hill took advantage of every detail that Leones failed to produce.

Valdez, who ultimately won the match, hit six and two-thirds of innings in which he received only three hits and struck out seven. During regionals, the veteran faced Leones twice, leaving them empty at 12 and a third innings in which he barely landed six hits.

The first two runs for the Dominican Republic in this grand finale were one in episode two and another in episode five, following a serious pitcher error on a shot for second with the men on first and second and throwing into left field.

The third score was also obtained due to on-field blunders, in this case third baseman Hernan Pérez in the same ninth inning.

In the match, the key was the Dominican pitch, which pinned down the drummer Caracas, only three singles and Venezuela’s errors in defense. Of the three races produced by the Dominican Republic, two were dirty.

Thus, the Dominican Republic, who were nearly eliminated in the qualifying round and were defeated twelve chapters by the Leones themselves 3-2, clinched the title; Venezuela was in silver and completed the podium, Mexico (Cañeros de los Mochis).

All stars were like this:

First base: Reinaldo Rodriguez of Mexico.

Second base: Francisco Acuna of Colombia.

Third base: Emmanuel Rivera of Puerto Rico.

Shortstop: Dayan Frias of Colombia

Left field: Danri Vazquez of Venezuela

Central Garden: Emilio Bonifacio from the Dominican Republic.

Right field: Gustavo Campero of Colombia

Designated Forward: Jordan Diaz of Colombia

Starting pitcher: Edouard Lopez of Colombia.

Alternate pitcher: Anthony Biscay of Venezuela.

Manager: José Moreno from Mexico

Most Valuable Player: Cesar Valdes of the Dominican Republic.

The 2024 Caribbean Series will take place in Miami, where it will be hosted at an MLB stadium for the first time.

Source: Juventud Rebelde



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