Wolves and Falcons, the only ones undefeated

One of the most popular sporting events in our country, Major League Basketball (LSB), kicked off last Friday with a men’s tournament. As in the last 12 draws, eight teams entered the court under the pretense of capturing the crown that currently lies on the shelves of the Búfalos de Ciego de Ávila, the executioners in the 2022 final of the Sancti Spíritus team.

It was one of the first duels that was held by the Avilans and the Yayaberos in the room of Giraldo Córdoba Cardina, the headquarters of the former, with a victory for each team. It was the only sub-series to end this way, as Capitalinos swept Las Tunas as a guest on the field of the versatile Leonardo Mackenzie Grant, and Lobos de Villa-Clara did the same at their home, Amistad Hall, in front of Artemisa. , and Santiago de Cuba Falcons against Mayabeque, in La Mariposa del Fajardo (Havana), headquarters of the vanquished.

New commitments began on Tuesday and the current runners-up narrowly beat the Mayabequenses 63-62; According to the statistics of Wilber Rodriguez, Villa Clara defeated the Capitalinos (83-77), Santiago de Cuba defeated Artemisa (70-61) and Ciego de Avila defeated Las Tunas (83-70). Today will be the second meeting of each sub-series.

As for the previous championship, this time the teams from Guantanamo and Matanzas, who ranked seventh and eighth a year ago, do not compete. Their places were taken by newcomer Mayabeque y Las Tunas, who previously participated in the 2015 draw for the first time and only time (seventh place), according to Benigno Daquinta’s statistics files.

Finally, regarding the aspect of statistics, which is of great importance for various reasons, it was said at the technical conference of the competition that “they are of great value to the coaches of each team, as well as to the members of the technical team of the national team.” team at the time to form a preselection and develop strategies. In addition, it is necessary that various foreign leagues ask to hire our players.

However, for the hundredth time, the story of the lack of statistics and information related to the results of the games is repeated on the official website of Inder, who oversees this topic. If we go there, we will see that there are no numbers in this fight, and the last thing there are numbers for the 2022 season.

So, draw your own conclusions. One of mine is that the sports press will once again have to juggle to be able to cover very frequent tournaments.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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