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Power expressed in 17 titles


The situation with Granma in baseball and softball in the first category is very plausible. In our national pastime, they have won four of the last six series, and in so-called softball, their women’s team has been crowned in three of the last four draws. This weekend, the Granma women won their last scepter and 17th place in their time at the National Softball Championship. Those who think they are the greatest historical winners are right.

In Saturday’s match, held in Manzanillo, the site of the recently ended rally, Rafael Garcia’s students beat the Santiago de Cuba team 4-1 in the final and thus became prophets in their own land. And again, left-hander Ilian Thornes, the main pitcher of the team.
Cuba got off to a very good start despite allowing a home run as he received only three hits and kept 15 strikeouts on his record.

Incidentally, Ilian was selected as the MVP of the competition thanks to eight wins and one setback, including a perfect game against Havana and no strikers against Guantanamo. a feat against the Guantanamo team.

“Without a doubt, this new title is a great result for the team. We are very motivated and happy, we have already won 17 championships. On my own I will tell you that despite the fact that I have shown a flawless game without hits, misses and a perfect game, I didn’t feel like it was my best year, but I developed strategies based on experience and based on shooting and control. Rebellious youth.

Another of the main characters in the crown of women from Granma was catcher and outfielder Yarianna Lopez, also a member of The Caribbean team, which went 2-3 in the match for first place, had two RBIs. “We had another very good tournament, we once again demonstrated that Granma is the best team in the country, thanks to the preparation, dedication, discipline and, above all, perseverance in every training session. In my case, everything went well and I did well in the final,” he told our medium.

What is very curious is that the podium was made up of teams from eastern Cuba, as Guantanamo was left with the bronze metal thanks to the performance of some of the athletes who made it through the national teams.

Source: Juventud Rebelde



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