Neven Ilic: “We are ready to help Cuban sport as much as possible”

“We are very happy in Havana and our presence is part of the visit of President Bach to important countries, so be proud that your trip here is a recognition of your roots, history and the efforts that you make. I hope we can help Cuban sport grow even bigger,” Panam Sports President Neven Ilic commented hours before his departure from the island.

The head of the regional body admitted that he hopes that the Pan American Games “will be a great success. I can expect that we are working hard and fixing many details, but I have full confidence that we will be ready to host you all in my beautiful homeland.”

Regarding the importance of the regional multi-sport event, he noted that this is confirmed by the qualifying places that will be provided for the Olympic Games. “In the specific case of boxing, which is such an important sport for you, we will have direct seats, so it will be an honor to have the best Cuban stars, both men and women,” he said.

When asked if he dreams of Chile being able to host the Olympics in the future, he explained that “it’s a big dream, but it’s a very big investment for countries like ours. It’s always good to dream, but keep your feet on the ground.

Asked if smaller countries with less economic power could co-host the Pan American Games, Ilić confirmed yes, “one hundred percent.” In addition, the opening of the headquarters is on the agenda of President Bach for 2025. We are open to that type of decision, but we also have youth games that allow us to open up even more.”

“For me personally, the sensitivity to Cuban sports is total. I came two years ago and realized how much effort, work and how hard it is to do. From there, we opened up to help in any way we could, the track and field is an example, and I understand that there is also room for improvement at the velodrome, and we are ready to contribute to the benefit of Cuban sport,” the head of state concluded. head of Panam Sports.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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