Cuba, restless at the base

Six years later, Clasico is back in a different format and with more teams. Cuba, which has always gone beyond the first instance, will play for the first time with a team that includes Major League athletes. For some, this is the strongest set of all presented, others believe that it is more or less the same as in 2009 and 2013. These are criteria in a sea of ​​expectations, but the competition is as difficult as the previous one. those.

Getting into the top four is not the most serious prediction, although it is still the desire of everyone. To take one of the two places in group B is the most reasonable. If this is not done, the result will be bad.

We’re coming with a balanced, complex team that stands out for its pitch. And to be more precise in the area analysis, the bullpen is a luxury. The key is to get to the last third of games with the lead.

Of the four opponents in Taichung, only they did not play for Italy. The Netherlands, the first opponent, lead us 3-1. The crushing blow in the second phase of 2017 still hurts. And the home run of 2013, when the semi-final was felt.

The triumph of 2006 is still far away, but now the opportunity to reverse the history of recent years seems ideal. With Panama and the hosts, we kept on the same pulse, respectively. In both cases with a victory.

If the classification is completed, then in the quarter-finals will have to fight, almost certainly, with Japan or Korea, both seem to be stronger. Much more Japanese, who put together a squad to win the Clasico for the third time.

There are also many similarities between the players of our national league and the major leagues, which were originally formed in our country. They are united by four letters on the chest, which give them individuality, and are articulated to the beat of their game by fans who dream of team victories.

Historical dawns are coming. Two lime strips inside and outside.

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Source: Juventud Rebelde


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