Mambises win the first battle

Only twice in the qualifying segment of the current Women’s Major Basketball League (LSB) did teams from Santiago de Cuba and Guantanamo meet. In the first match, the women from Santiago, the current monarchs, won, and in the second, the women from Guantanamo scored 70-44. Both quintets moved on to discuss the crown, the case when the invincibles have more votes as favorites,
especially for signing a near-perfect regular after a balance of 13 successes and one failure.

A little more than a month after the last clash between these teams, yesterday they met at the start of the final. According to some videos provided Jr amateurs, the guests won with a score of 67-57 (12-14, 20-13, 19-14, 16-16), having lost two points at the beginning of the first period.

There will be a second game this Sunday, at the same venue, and Abelis Robert’s students will be aiming for another victory that will put them one step away from the title, while their rivals have no other goal than a win to equalize the decisive play -off. On Wednesday, on the court of the number of Alejandro Urgelles, the fight will resume.

In the previous edition, Santiago de Cuba, in four trials (three smiles and one failure), ended the fight for first place with his current opponents.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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