Bitter debut in Doha

The facts leave an irrefutable verdict: the debut of Cuban judokas at the world championships in this discipline, which began last Sunday in Doha, Qatar, was insufficient due to the way the first presentations of the two figures of the island took place.

It seemed like a difficult discovery. Arnaes Odelin, who weighed up to 57 kilograms (kg), had the misfortune to see Frenchwoman Sarah Leoni Sizik, located on the opposite line of battle. And although the preparation of the students of the star Yordanis Arencibia with a considerable number of international competitions this year and a training base in France was strong, the European pedigree made her a favorite in the fight.

As a result, Arnaes showed a positive image, fighting every second on the mat and trying in every possible way to make the gala, the current Olympic vice-miss, uncomfortable, but her efforts were in vain. The last vazari left her lying on the canvas of the Ali bin Hamad al-Attiyah Arena (ABHA Arena) and destroyed her hopes for promotion in the organizational structure.

Magdiel Estrada, for her part, was tasked with overcoming the first instances of such a strong struggle that almost always eluded her at this level. However, Behruzi Khojazoda from Tajikistan surprised him just a few seconds before normal time and scored the decisive vazari.

Today, Cuba will be represented again at the ABHA Arena when Mailin del Toro enters the competition floor for the first time against the winner between Serbian Anja Obradovic and Frenchwoman Clarisse Agbenenou, which guarantees her a very important opponent from the very beginning. on the.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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