Cuban Medicine Guarantees Maximum Performance for Athletes in San Salvador

The representation of more than 500 Cuban athletes who will take part in the Central American and Caribbean Games (JCC) in San Salvador is in a condition quite close to optimal, and almost completely without injuries, deputy director Yamil Gutiérrez Jorge assured. Institute of Sports Medicine (IDM) and chief physician of the delegation.

At a conference held at the José Martí International Institute of Journalism, a specialist gave a lecture on the state of health of our athletes in connection with a multiple regional appointment scheduled from June 23 to July 8 in the capital of Cuscatleca.

Gutiérrez Jorge explained that IDM’s oversight was focused on several important events on the calendar that already included the ALBA Games and will also cover the next Pan American Games (October 20 – November 5) and Para Pan American Games (November 17-26). ).November) from Santiago de Chile.

“Measures have been taken to prioritize profits in optimal form, both through prevention and through the rehabilitation of possible injuries and discomfort. Thus, today we have very few athletes who consider their participation in the JCC compromised. For example, the men’s volleyball team will not be able to count on star Robertlandy Simon due to a herniated lumbar disc, and the baseball team will not be able to use capital pitcher Andy Vargas, who suffers from problems with the pronator muscles of his right hand. hand.

“However, on the positive side, it should be noted that the two leading figures in women’s judo have recovered: Idalis Ortiz and Mailin del Toro, who should arrive at the competition in good shape,” the doctor added.

In addition to the physical aspect, Gutierrez Jorge emphasized the mental state of the representatives of our country, who, according to responsible psychologists, have a condition
a positive general who will help them weather the competition with the good motivation and optimism needed to perform at their best.

Another standout aspect in preparing our competitors was nutrition, in which Inder made efforts to ensure not only a balanced diet, but also, in collaboration with the National Center for Biologicals, supplements weight proteinglutamine and creatine produced entirely in Cuba thanks to the collaboration of this center with nutritionist Luis Ramirez.

“We are at a moment that may be optimal for the performance of Cuban athletes from a medical point of view. Their well-dosed workouts, combined with proper nutrition and the right supplements, should lead them to their peak performance,” Gutiérrez Jorge concluded.

In addition to medical matters, the Deputy Director of IDM referred to San Salvador’s JCC Anti-Doping Control, an event for which San Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele signed an agreement with the Pan American Regional Anti-Doping Agency. Organization (ORAD-PAN) Under the motto “Play Fair for a Better World”, it aims to ensure that sports justice prevails, and those who try to cheat by introducing banned substances to improve their performance will be punished.

“The use of dried blood anti-doping testing will be new, a method that we will see for the first time in the history of gaming and the introduction of which sets a very positive precedent in this regard. This assay eliminates biological risk and is less complex to transport, two other factors contributing to its use,” Gutiérrez Jorge added, adding that in this case, the Havana International Anti-Doping Laboratory would be responsible for processing part of the urine samples. that come from CCM.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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