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I confess that I did not expect a 2-0 score from Industriales. The truce was logical. But here we have such a “square” ball. The broken defense of Santiago de Cuba caused an initial setback from which the team never recovered on Sunday.

Some experts in the indomitable squad say that they became victims of their own kongs. They have several regulars and regulars who have never seen Guillermont Moncada so compact in the stands.

But the sharp eye of the experts also indicates mastery of the basics of the game. If emotions are poorly executed, they press twice. During the playoffs, the axiom is confirmed that the devil knows more for being old than for being the devil. Experience wins games.

Now the shares are moving into another boiling cauldron: Latin American, where recently, due to well-known migration processes, there are as many fans of Leoneses as there are wasps.

The scenario is difficult for the Indomitable, who have not reached the semi-finals since 2008. They are forced to win four out of five games and at least two at Coloso del Cerro. What a task.

On his side are two old foxes who can reduce the roar with their tricks: the Olympic champion Dani Betancourt and the always impetuous Alberto Bisset, a victim on Saturday of mistakes or horrors? on the field of his comrades.

However, Bisset, swallowing impotence, like a good actor, encouraged his people with gestures that in words would mean: up, nothing happened.

If they hold back the Lions’ onslaught, Wilber Reina will retaliate with the same tools he used to sign Pepe in the quarter-finals.

The key to making the playoffs run more smoothly lies in the management that Eastern rookies do out of worry. They add up to three home runs, which is good.

For now, however, Industriales has changed its forecasts. Two wins in his asset allow some luxury with an inefficient starting pitch. Sunday’s note by Remberto Barreto was a boost not only because of the number of innings eaten, but also because of the approach to solving difficult situations.

Yasmani Thomas’ adjustments portend his first home run is near. Will it be in Latin American? It will be amazing.

Benigno Daquinta’s files say that only ten teams came back from 0-2 on 90 occasions. Santiago de Cuba did it twice, and once against Industriales himself in season 38 (1998-1999), when the Blues were coached by… Guillermo Carmona.

Good plots to break or confirm in the coming days.

Note: In the end, Las Tunas and Matanzas played their third meeting.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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