Two Georgias in different latitudes and standards

This is, in general terms, what is happening in Georgia, a state located on the Black Sea, at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, which until 1991 was one of the 15 republics that were part of the Soviet Union: Parliament approved in the first reading (76 in favor, 13 against), a bill on foreign agents that restricts the activities of organizations in which 20% of the finances come from other countries. President Salome Zurabishvili, who, by the way, is in New York, said she would veto it.

Thousands of Georgians took to the streets of the capital Tbilisi during this standoff between government leaders, surrounded the legislative headquarters to protest the decision, pelted police with Molotov cocktails, were subdued with water cannons and tear gas, and several protesters were put down. detained. There are wounded on both sides.

The president said the protests “represent a free Georgia.” “Today, those who support this law and those who voted for this law are violating the Constitution. We are all being taken out of Europe,” he stressed.

Ned Price, spokesman for the US State Department, intervened, as befits someone who wants to keep the world under his wing, saying that “peaceful” protesters in Georgia have the right to freely assemble and “beg their governments to answer for their actions” . To this, he added an ever-present threat if what they say is not done, when he called the bill “an enormous defeat in the aspirations of the people of Georgia and in the capabilities of the United States.” UU continues to be a partner of the people of Georgia,” and did not rule out that those responsible for the suppression of protests in Georgia could fall under US sanctions.

By the way, in the US there is a law dating back to 1938, in full force and effect, called the US Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), which establishes the foreign agent condition not only for the media and non-governmental organizations, but also for other legal entities and individuals, and if they do not comply with their registration, penalties, administrative penalties and imprisonment for up to five years are provided. Fact to be understood: our Prensa Latina correspondents in the United States are “foreign agents” and the same is true of others from countries that Washington considers adversaries or enemies.

I have no doubt that a situation is taking place in Tbilisi similar to what happened in Kiev on the Maidan, when a coup d’etat was carried out against the then President Viktor Yanukovych, the very powders of 2014 that brought this filth of armed confrontation to Ukrainian soil under the threat of spreading to The old continent in the US-led NATO war against Russia.

Same and different case

There is another Georgia, where demonstrations are also taking place, but the view of what is happening there is very different from the assessment of the Western media and the US authorities. This is the southern US state where residents of Atlanta, its capital, are protesting plans to build the Public Safety Training Center in Atlanta, where officers will be trained on their shooting range, nature trail, and “simulated village.” ” » so that the police can train and raid in that wooded area that is the lung of the city, the resting place, the nature reserve for the inhabitants of this place on this resentful planet. The population – regardless of whether they are participating in the demonstrations that have been going on for several months, — calls it Police City, Police City.

The Law on Foreign Agents Divided Georgian Post-Soviet Society Photo: Reuters.

Last Sunday, Atlanta police arrested 35 people, calling them a “group of aggressive agitators” and 23 of them accused of nothing more than “domestic terrorism” because they do not want the $90 million and 85 acres project to lands approved by the Atlanta City Council in 2021 under that premise, which is nothing short of a mockery of a country where police violence is a condition. indispensable conditionis part of an effort to “improve morale, retention, and recruitment” of Atlanta law enforcement.

This is described in the project of the non-profit Atlanta Police Foundation, which will certainly not receive foreign funding, but will have among its donors quite a few powerful people in the United States, and then at the national level the federal government is responsible for militarization with a good supply of military equipment and vehicles from the arsenals of the Pentagon.

The death of environmentalist leader Manuel Paez Teran heightened outrage among Atlanta residents Photo: Courrier International.

Demonstrations against Cop City intensified over an incident under unclear circumstances: Atlanta police shot and killed Hispanic environmental activist and advocate Manuel Tortuguita Paez Teran while he was camping in the wooded area of ​​the South River Forest as part of who came from other parts of the country to resist the oppressive center and protect the forest.

For American Georgia, insults and insults, false accusations and law enforcement, order against what they call chaos, unrest, terrorism. For Eurasian Georgia, the praise of so-called democracy and the threat to those who oppose foreign interference.

That’s how bad the world is.

The abandonment of the Public Safety Training Center reached enormous proportions Photo: El Tiempo Latino.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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