President of Brazil to present “More Health for Brazil” program

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva will introduce the “More Health for Brazil” program, which aims to improve patient care, at a ceremony at the Planalto Palace, where the executive is located, PL reported.

Official sources have confirmed that Más Médicos will be relaunched under a new name. This initiative was launched in 2013 by the government of Dilma Rousseff (2011-2016) and aims to increase the number of doctors, mainly in small towns in the interior of the country. .

The Ministry of Health is now promising to give priority to national doctors and other health professionals such as dentists, nurses and social workers in teams.

“In addition to expanding the number of medical workers, the program will work to improve the SUS (Unified Health System) with investments in the construction and reform of basic units, expanding assistance in Brazil,” the chief minister tweeted. Public Relations Secretariat of President Paulo Pimenta.

In the same publication, Pimenta recalled that More Doctors “became responsible for 1039 primary care in 1039 municipalities, hired more than 18,000 professionals and helped 63 million Brazilians.”

He clarified that “the curtailment of the program in recent years shows disrespect for the SUS.”

The new format is expected to announce incentives for doctors to stay in municipalities.

Doctors came to Más Médicos from various countries, including Cuba, which on November 14, 2019, reaffirmed the solidarity and humanitarian vocation shown by its healthcare workers in dozens of countries by announcing its withdrawal from the project in the face of the conditions and derogatory statements of the then elected ruler of Jair Bolsonaro about his apparatus.

As expected, the former military president replaced More Doctors in 2019 with Doctors for Brazil.

After leaving Cuba, Lula thanked his specialists who participated in the health program and for the fact that the island helps other peoples of the world with its medicine.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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