Don’t let the soap opera “splatter” us

Heartbreak is back to set a trend in the cultural industry. And again success in music. This is a huge source for attracting the crowd. Now he keynote it’s Shakira and Piqué, and pretty much the rest of the world is at their feet in a hackneyed and predictable narrative.

Only the innocent were amazed that session #53, written by Gonzalo Julián Conde, an Argentinean composer and producer known as Bizarrap, along with a successful Colombian made a media buzz. First, because from the moment the couple’s first child was announced, after their first flirtations during the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, their story in the style of classic fairy tales has gone viral.

Zero failures, a young woman able to cross the ocean to accompany a loved one, children born at the perfect moment of a relationship, success, the question of whether motherhood ends a professional career to be a better mother, money, campaigns for the underprivileged .. Nothing and everything : the ideal world of two heteronormative beautiful blondes who sell and fish forever.

Second. It comes to us in the voice of a woman. As an artist, he has a way of expressing his attitude towards music. His affective ties to his lover have long been part of his (our) soundtrack: Crazy (2010), in which he declares his passion for “his tiger”, and I will give (La, la, la) and 23(2014), a trilogy following the coming-of-age of a couple with a ten-year age difference.

In 2017 he returns to the fray with three other songs: bike, I fell in love And tons. Each one is a public statement of his passion for the former footballer and Spanish businessman. As long as the speech is not distorted to tell us that perfect love has remained deaf. Congratulations (2022) announces a rupture, clearly recognized in Monotone (2022). That’s why, Sessions #53 this becomes the last cry of relief.

Each song was approved by the media. Speeches that legitimize stereotypes and patriarchal roles: “I met the love of my life”, “I give you my sun”, “Avenge your success” are some of the phrases that put the public under a magnifying glass on the voice that, because that he is feminine, appreciates the news in a society where machismo still dominates. Little or nothing has been said about the breakups and musical confessions of Marcos Antonio Solis, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars and even the controversial Bad Bunny.

But Shakira, the social construct of patriarchy, also falls into its traps. His current hit does not claim to be a woman. Vice versa. It shows us the toxic, arrogant, rivals among us for the opposite sex, addicted to love relationships, flirting with a new partner, calculating, squeezing every penny after a breakup as a “compulsory price” for a breakup… Of course!! You know what’s on sale and more if you join one of the hottest DJs of the moment. Undoubtedly, the theme is well thought out. Sessions #53 It has what it takes to be the launch media bomb of 2023 across all platforms.

And so it will be until another narrative comes with any of the historical formulas, always with famous, successful and beautiful protagonists: grief, desire, sex, debts, passions … Situations from which no one escapes and to which everyone has the right to experience his way, no question. Moreover, I am convinced that the personal, when it becomes public, becomes political.

Therefore, it will always be important to reflect on how we build our stories, how and where we tell them, how we coexist in a world of love and grief, betrayal and loyalty, questions and support, hegemonic machismo…

Clarity in this is the only way to consciously accept or not consciously become part of these many narratives that live so long that they become an obvious soap opera.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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