One parliament, one country

Cacha, Mount Condado, Trinidad, the land where the rebels were notorious for violence, always says that Cuba is like a hand with five different fingers, but united.

“When one or more people get lost, he settles for what’s left,” he says, and takes his right hand out of the pocket of his worn dressing gown, mutilated by an accident when he was just starting to walk. was an obstacle to bring fruit to the earth.

This tanned guajira knew that without the knowledge of comparisons or other literary resources, one could see the spirit of this nation: its diversity is the backbone in the constant construction of a better country.

And it is precisely the representative of this multitude that marches, coexists and struggles day by day, who will rise to Parliament on April 19, to such a platform where, according to democratic consensus, most of the paths that those of us who live on this island.

It’s no secret that this will be a historic moment for the 470 deputies of the National Assembly of People’s Power, representatives of all sectors, not only for the responsibility of electing among them their president, vice president, secretary and other members of the Council of State, but also the president and vice- President of the Republic, but for the task of finding strategies to overcome one of the economic crises that have tightened our shoes the most.

It will also have to return to better alternatives from within to reverse the ever-deepening traces of the deepening North American blockade, lean manufacturing, rampant economic inflation, food and medical shortages, illicit activities inside and outside the public sector perimeter, and migration, especially of youth—a global phenomenon— which, in addition to being the target of the dirtiest politics, stings due to low birth rates and high rates of aging.

For this, the process that each of the deputies went through for months, before the elections on March 26, was sky-high. They looked inch by inch at different corners of this island – many of which they had not even seen in the photographs – spoke with managers and neighbors and found that, despite repeated dissatisfaction in vital issues such as water supply or electricity service, Cuban men and women are committed to continuing to advance the altruistic project that we have dreamed of for over six decades.

This was commented by Andy González Santana, a farmer from the La Milagrosa family farm located in the Spiritus municipality of Yaguajay, a specialist in maxillofacial surgery: “In all places, we found voters who strongly identify with the process. So there are commitments on all of these issues. What you need to do is to prepare and find the necessary information to participate in the debate of the Assembly with arguments.”

Key? The desire for dialogue, which always goes beyond the halls of the Congress Center during the days of the National Assembly. Martha Ayala, PhD, once again nominated by Yaguajay, knows him, a woman whose humility is as immense as those long weeks during which she, along with her group at the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, fought to strike at the coronavirus. “Being an MP is a matter of conscience,” she categorically stated at one of the exchanges in Spiritu’s northern territory.

With this maxim, creativity and ingenuity will be raised in Parliament from April 19 to drive out stagnant attitudes and thoughts, to strengthen the socialist state company as the main subject of the economy, to destroy prejudices, obstacles, bureaucracy and sick I am above Us.

Because, as Cacha, the humble peasant from the Trinidadian hills, assures, despite differences, there are no obstacles when a person rushes forward with unity.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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