The V World Classic All-Star Team includes Cubans Moncada and Romero.

Cubans Yoan Moncada and Luis Miguel Romero were named to the V World Baseball Classic All-Star Team that culminated in Japan’s victory over the United States in Miami on Tuesday, ACN reported.

Major league player Moncada was selected as the top third baseman in the competition with very positive records, averaging 435 points offensively, with two doubles, a home run, five RBIs, and four runs scored.

In addition, the natural third baseman from Cienfuegos finished his drive at the ready with a high OPS of 1,258 (a player’s ability to both hit base and hit hard).

Romero was the best reliever in the tournament. Photo: Roberto Morejon

Meanwhile, Romero, also a major league player who started his career with Guantanamo, was the tournament’s top pitcher, winning two out of three victories won by the so-called Cuban Aceré team.

In addition, the right-handed fire extinguisher pitched 8.2 innings in which he provided 13 strikeouts, a record for a Cuban pitcher in the history of the highest national team baseball event. In five games, he barely gave a walk and left his average at 2.08 earned runs.

Both players were leading figures in the Cuba-Clásico team, which finished fourth out of 20 nations. This was the first time that a unified Cuban team was formed, which included players from the national tournament and other players playing in foreign leagues such as MLB, Japan, and others from the Central American region.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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