Strengthening strategic and historical ties between Cuba and Russia

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, in statements to the press in Havana, said he was received by Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez and Army General Raul Castro Ruz, leader of the Cuban revolution, and called the meeting fruitful. and one held with Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla during his stay in Cuba.

Lavrov confirmed that the meetings discussed the agreements between the two countries during the visit of the Cuban president to Russia in November last year and trade relations on the eve of the Joint Commission, which will meet in a month in Havana.

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He stressed that relations are developing in the trade and economic sphere with the aim of intensifying cooperation in forums such as the Eurasian Economic Union, in which Cuba has observer status and in which Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz will take part. and also at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum.

He mentioned new bilateral trade and economic prospects and exchanges in other areas, including cultural, educational and military, as well as the exchange of experience in the field of public order.

He expressed his solidarity with Cuba in the face of the dirty methods of the United States trying to impose its dominance, emphasizing the use of blackmail and pressure.

Photo: taken from the Twitter account of the Russian Foreign Ministry

At the press conference, Lavrov answered journalists’ questions and J.R. new concept of Russian foreign policy, especially with regard to relations with Latin America and the Caribbean, confirming that they lead tol Significant increase in focus on Latin Americaas well as structures and organizations that function on the continent, and above all Celac mentioned, and “of course, giving priority [países] which have been our strategic partners for a long time, including Cuba [que es] close to our heart.”

He pointed out that the new concept does not provide for the imposition of “recipes from the outside” on the Latin American and Caribbean peoples, since it is based on “the willingness and interest in developing relations based on mutual respect, mutually beneficial progress in the economy in trade and external relations.

Lavrov, who also referred to the US crusade against Russia, has already pointed to the condemnation of the illegal and illegitimate blockade of Cuba and stated that it is unacceptable for the world to live according to the rules dictated by the US in their intention to colonize their interests at the expense of others and eliminate their competitors.

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